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Alawite Shite Tyrant Bashar Al-Assad Committing Genocide of Sunni Muslims in Aleppo By Latheef Farook

Genocide of Sunni Muslims has been underway since Monday 12 December 2016 in the historic Syrian city of Aleppo. This heinous crime is committed by Alawite Shite warcriminal Bashar Al Assad in collaborationwith Russian war criminal Vladimir Putin, sworn enemy of Islam and Muslims, and Iran-backed Shia militias worldwide including Lebanese Hezbollah and its Iraqi counterparts.

According toUnited Nations reports“Assad’s blood thirstyShiite murderous thugs indiscriminately gun  down people, commit widespread rapeof  femaledetainees, execute civilians “on the spot”, enter homes and kill those insideincluding women and children and burn alivemen, women and children.

United Nations reports confirmed that at least 82 civilians were summarily executed after shite militias burst into the homes of civilians and slaughtered all inside. Speaking at a news conference in Geneva, the UN’s human rights spokesperson, Rupert Colville, said that atrocities were being committed by the Assad regime and its allies from Iran-backed Shia jihadist groups from around the world.

Colville confirmed that besideskilling 13 children and 11 women, 58 men were also dragged from their homes and summarily executed in the middle of the street.They committed public mass executions, sexual assault and burnt bodies in the streets as they swept through the city on Monday 12 December 2016.

Conditions in the city were "apocalyptic"with dead bodies piling up in the streets and under the rubble of bombed out buildingswhilewomen were raped at regime checkpoints in front of their husbands and children.

Jens Laerke,a spokesman for the United Nations office coordinating emergency relief, described the carnage “a complete meltdown of humanity.”

The United Nation’s top human rights official Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein charged the U.S. and other countries with collectively wringing their hands in the face of the “wanton slaughter of men, women and children” and pleaded the world to take measures to protect those fleeing the Russian,Iranian and Syrian regime onslaught.

“Dozens of bodies litter streets, with residents unable to retrieve them due to  intense bombardment and fear of being shot,” Hussein said. Decrying “the crushing of Aleppo, the immeasurably terrifying toll on its people, the bloodshed, the wanton slaughter of men, women and children, the destruction,” the Jordanian-born U.N. official warned, “We are nowhere near the end of this cruel conflict.”

“What can happen next, if the international community continues to collectively wring its hands can be much more dangerous?" Hussein said the slaughter in Aleppo could repeat itself in Douma, Raqqa and Idlib, referring to other opposition-held areas in the war-ravaged country. “We cannot let this continue.”

The White Helmets, a volunteer rescue group, described Aleppo as being “like hell”and many old men died of the cold weather.

Disgusting state of affairs is such that women started committing suicide to prevent  being rapid by Shite thugs. On Tuesday 13 Decembermorning alone 20 women committed suicide to escape rape.

Activists and residents asked journalists to tell their storywarning of their impending demise. One message said “Doomsday is in Aleppo”.Lina al-Shamy, a 26-year-old woman  posted a video of herself to Twitter said“To everyone who can hear me. We are here exposed to genocide. This may be my last video. More than 50,000 civilians who rebelled against the tyrant Assad are threatened with field executions or dying under bombing.

Ccallingfor the creation of humanitarian corridorJournalist Bilal Abdul Kareem had this to state;

The Russian air strikes are relentless. Theyuse a "double tap" method designed to kill any Good Samaritans who come to the aid of the injured. They strike once,and then wait a while; then, when people gather to try to remove those stuck under the rubble, they strike again.This grisly report comes after several other UN reports confirmed that hundreds of men trying to escape the violence in eastern Aleppo had gone missing after moving into Assad regime-controlled areas.

Some compared Aleppo genocide to Srebrenica genocide

A massacre is taking place in east Aleppo with 180 people killed by the Syrian regime and many hanged with thousands fleeing without food or medication.

Writing on the genocide British journalist Yvonne Ridley had this to state;the heroic resistance inside the besieged walls of eastern Aleppo is coming from the Syrian people themselves, and not foreign fighters as is often portrayed in the Western media. 

Fleeing for safety from butcher Bashar Al Assad’s murderous thugs.

Journalist Abdul Karim said”! It is vital for people around the world not to be misled about what is happening on the ground in Aleppo. There are still nearly 300,000 Syrians trapped there, but out of those only 10,500 chose to leave during a humanitarian pause last Thursday.

“If so many people chose to remain in a siege situation without food and comfort and would prefer to face barrel bombs and bunker busters, shells and missiles,” “what does that tell you about the Assad regime?” Nobody was forced to stay. “The fact is, of those who left, hundreds of the men have disappeared. That speaks volumes about the crimes of the Syrian government forces.”

Another myth that Abdul Karim is keen to dismiss is the presence of foreign fighters. “I’ve met three Egyptians and one from Uzbekistan but the rest of the men who stand between Bashar Al-Assad’s forces and the people of Aleppo are local men from Aleppo as well as Syrians from the Free Syrian Army.”

He acknowledged that the rebels are local men. “When I’ve interviewed them they point out their homes or the streets where they lived. There is a narrative put out that the rebels are foreign fighters and that all the fighters are terrorists; it’s simply not true. The only terrorists in Syria are Daesh and they do not have a presence in Aleppo.”

When Russia joined in the war last year, Putin announced that it was to get rid of Daesh,

Abdul Karim asked “If that’s the case, why are the Russians bombing the men, women and children of Aleppo?” The US, he believes, has also played its part in misinformation and he thinks that it is quite clear that Washington is using Daesh to have a presence in the region. “How easy would it be for British and US war planes to drop food and medicine in Aleppo instead?” he asked. “If they can drop bombs on Daesh they can bombard us with humanitarian aid.”

The New York-based journalist dismissed peace talks between Moscow and Washington:Time and again meetings were held inGeneva between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign MinisterSergey Lavrov showing the world that they were trying to solve Syrian crisis.All these talks were to hood wink the world. They allowed the crisis to prolong and reach its present stage. Their talks did nothing to punish Bashar Al Assad for his war crimes. Instead helped himcontinue to commit genocide on his own people and destroy Syria as part of the ongoing Judeo-Christian Crusade.

US, UK, France and Russia together with Israel had their ownagenda todestroy Syria and help create Greater Israel as claimed in public by former US Secretary of State and defeated presidential candidate HillaryClinton.

One should not forget that US and Soviet Union were at loggerheads until Soviet Union’s collapse in 1979. However the two were united like solid rock in their drive to first create and then strengthenIsrael. This continues to date. Now the two have joined hands to destroy Muslim Middle East to create Greater Israel which will rule the region and beyond and ensure Middle East continues to bleed and remains under Judeo-Christian iron grip.

There are more than 20 Muslim countries in the Middle East with more than 20 rulers, His Excellency scoundrels, with their own armed forces equipped with weapons bought from Western war mongers with their poverty stricken people’s money.  No one lifted a finger to help save Sunni Muslims in Aleppo from theongoing genocide.

Those Syrians fled for safety, leaving all their possessions, wentto Christian Europe and not totheir Arabneighbors because they know what is in store for them under these Arab dictators who have sold their souls, dignity and human feelings leave alone the so called Islamic or Arab sentiments.

Thus all of them, from President Barack Obama, former British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Hollande, Russia,Israel and Iran to all Arab dictators including Saudi head choppers and gullible Gulf Sheikhs, remain soaked in innocent Syrian blood. They have all committed war crimes against Syrian people in their worst ever Judeo-Christian CRUSADE against in Islam and Muslims in history.

Syrians rose up peacefully seeking freedom and justice. Champions of human rights in Washington,London, Paris together with Russia ,Iran and Arab dictators gave them death and destruction. Indications are that Muslim blood is likely to flow all over Middle East in the years to come?

In the midst in one of the most disgusting and despicable acts Iranians who call themselves Muslims celebrated the  slaughter, rape and destruction in Aleppo while Iran's President Hassan Rouhani phoned Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday to congratulate him.

Source: http://latheeffarook.net

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