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Executing Rizana Nafeek is Sheer Saudi barbarism; Absolutely nothing to do with Islam and Shariah By Latheef Farook


Islam requires mother should” breast feed” the child for two years. In this case mother   failed in her duty to feed her baby as requested by Hoy Quran.  

The execution of housemaid Rizana Nafeek who languished in Death Row, in one of the most inhuman environment, in a Saudi prison for almost seven years is nothing but sheer barbarism of the American, British and Zionist   installed tribal Saudis –    the most oppressive regime in the planet. 

This has nothing to do with Islam or Shariah. This is the mockery of Islam by a regime which collaborated with America and its European allies to invade and destroy Muslim countries from Afghanistan and Iraq and Somalia to many more.  

Saudi Arabia is course the land of Islam.   However the brutal and autocratic regime is a treacherous one which has no rights to speak of Islam and Shariah in view of its unislamic nature of the extremely corrupted and degenerated Saudi family which owns this land as their family property.  

Unfortunate Rizana hails from a poverty stricken family in Muthur.  

Though a minor she went to Saudi Arabia at the age of around 17 to work as maid and earn a pittance to tide over her family’s economic rizana013difficulties. She reached Saudi Arabia on 1 April 2005 on a passport, in which her date of birth, 24 February 1988, was reported to have changed by her employment agent to 2 February, 1982. 

On arrival in Saudi Arabia  she worked in the house of Naif Jiziyan Khalaf Al Otaibi whose wife had a four month old baby boy. She was assigned to cooking, washing and looking after the infant. She maintained good rapport with all in the house and there was no problem to speak of. 

The tragedy struck around 12.30 PM on 22 May 2005 while she was bottle-feeding     noticed that milk was oozing through mouth and nose of the infant. She tried to sooth   by striking infant’s throat, neck and face. She was panicked when she saw the infant’s eyelids closed and shouted for help. This clearly reveals the question of choking while feeding does not arise. 

Clarifying milk oozing out through nose and mouth doctors explained that there could have been a "Stop” when the milk does not go into the stomach, but oozes out. It can be also assumed that when the milk oozed out, the child might have already passed away.   

Around  1.30 PM   the mother of the infant came home. On seeing the infant she went into rage and assaulted Rizana with slippers and hands and took the infant away. Blood started oozing from Rizana’s nose. 

On 25 May police arrested Rizana accusing her of murdering the infant. In the police station she was severely beaten with belt demanding a statement that she strangled the infant and electrocuted. Obtaining such a forced statement is complete violation of Shariah law.  There was no one to talk to leave alone a word of comfort. Frightened Rizana placed her signature on the written paper given to her by the police.  

According to reports, police failed to conduct a postmortem to establish the cause of the death of the infant. This is a serious lapse. It is not known whether Saudi law firm Khateb Al-Shammary which represented Rizan took up the issue of the "postmortem".

Later Rizana vehemently denied all allegations against her and retracted her confession when she stated in the court on 3rd February 2007 that her original confession was obtained by the Police under duress. According to reports the person, Keralite, who took down her alleged confession, was not a competent interpreter .He was a sheep herder and was no longer in the country.

On 16 June 2007 the High Court sentenced Rizana to death by beheading simply based on the police report obtained under duress. This verdict, in complete violation of Shariaw laws, was upheld by the so called Supreme Court on October 2010.

In sentencing her to death the High Court and the Supreme Court have overlooked the most important fact –   the absence of a postmortem report – the scientific evidence of the cause of death. Under such circumstance the question is whether Saudi Arabia which is not governed by  Shariah  laws can try Rizana under Shariah laws with so much of flaws in its legal system.

Today’s Saudi Arabia was created by Jews and Britain in the aftermath of the World War 1 and  Riyadh based tribal chief Abdul Aziz Ibn Al Saud was placed in power in return for  his support to  topple Turkey’s Ottoman –one of the greatest Muslim empires in Islamic history. Since then it has been governed by Al Saud tribe –under tribal system which has nothing to do with Islam.

Over the years the Jews and Britain turned the tribe into royal family which is alien to Islam. In Islam there is no royal family as such. Thus the system of government, administration of justice, economic structure, and distribution of wealth, overall society and all other aspects of life have shariahj01been based on mediaeval tribalism and not based on Islam. Under such system power, positions, wealth and almost everything remain the hereditary right of ruling family which is above law. This in itself is complete violation of Islam.  People as a whole are treated as virtual slaves.

Known for their stinking corruption, shameful lifestyle displaying God given wealth, suppression of  freedom given by Islam to all including women, their collaboration with Jewish controlled US led European Christian West’s    evil agendas against Islam and Muslims, financing Jewish
 wars against Islam and Muslims, depositing the wealth given by Allah in the   West, failure to help the Muslims worldwide ,  creating conflicts  among Muslims  and so  many other factors made the ruling family a source of embarrassment to Islam and worldwide Muslims  despise them.

Arbitrary arrests, detention and torture have been common and Shariah laws were merely exploited to advance their tyranny fully backed by   United Stated, Europe and Israel.

Now the question is whether such an oppressive regime can try Rizana under Shariah law. In fact even in employing Rizana as a maid  violates Shariah laws  as   Islam permits women to take up jobs under certain conditions which were openly flouted by the Saudi authorities and Rizana’s sponsor himself.

In his letter to Jeddah based English language daily “ arab news” Engineer Ismail Marikkar from Sri Lanka raised following pertinent questions; 

I was simply shocked and as a Muslim ashamed when I read the death sentence on   Rizana. It is a miscarriage of justice. I appeal to the judicial authorities to refer this case to the Permanent Committee of Higher Scholars for review and a final decision. He asked; 

  1. Is it not a requirement in Islam for the mother to "breast-feed" the child and the period is two years? Did this mother fulfill her duty? It is a right of the child as stated in Quran;  “And the mothers are to suckle their infants for two years, for those who wish to complete the suckling”(Surah Baqarah 2:233). The mother has failed in her duty to the baby.

  2. How could she entrust the care of her little child to a young uneducated "teenager" from a foreign country, and a very remote area, where they do not even see feeding bottles?  The mother always fed the child.

  3. Some have expressed the opinion that Rizana has not expressed remorse or asked for pardon.

Well that it is in itself a clear indication that this was not intentional murder. Just tell me why this girl a few days after arriving, kills a child entrusted to her care, unless she was "insane", in which case she is not guilty. Rizana was made to sign a confession under duress, which is not acceptable under any law.shariah is very clear on this.

Well the death sentence is the punishment, but there is also the option of paying blood money.But Allah says it would be good to pardon. The death of this child in this manner at this time is the "Qadr" of Allah. This is a fundamental of our faith. This child can never be brought to life by killing the maid. They are refusing blood money. Well they want revenge. To forgive is an attribute of Allah. In fact there is a hadith about the reward awaiting those who forgave for the sake of Allah.

My advice is to forgive and be patient. These are virtuous acts earning divine reward.

This principle is intrinsically related to the maxim observed by the Divine Law in both civil and criminal cases: that innocence and freedom from accountability is to be assumed unless proven otherwise. Allah’s Messenger (may the peace and blessings of Allâh be upon him) made this clear when he said:“Do not carry out the prescribed punishments when there is doubt.”

Describing Rizana’s conviction as an abomination and demanding she should be released immediately and offered an apology. F. A. Munas, M.D. from United States   had this to say;

“As most objective people would agree, Rizana was unlikely to have murdered the infant. What motive would she have? Rizana had no time to develop any antipathy for her employer’s family. The infant seems to have died of natural causes such as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death rizana012Syndrome) or an unfortunate occurrence during feeding due to a possible congenital swallowing malformation. These conditions are not uncommon in that age group. No autopsy of the deceased infant was ever conducted by the Saudi authorities. By any reckoning the benefit of a doubt should go to the accused.

“The outrageous murder conviction and the pending public execution by beheading of   Rizana Nafeek by Saudi Arabian authorities is an affront to humans the world over. The brutality of this action is quite mind-boggling. As a matter of commonsense, it is utterly hypocritical for the Saudi government to sign an international agreement not to execute individuals who were minors when the alleged capital offense was committed, and then renege on the pledge by citing"Shariah rules."

“It would be outrageous if Rizana Nafeek were to be executed as it appears that she was herself a child at the time; and there are real concerns about the fairness of her trial,” Amnesty International’s Middle East director Malcolm Smart said. On 14 June 2011 one of the parents was kind enough to pardon Rizana. However both Parents need pardon if Rizana is to be acquitted.

On the other hand do the Saudi  Shariah needs six years to sentence a girl to death on the basis of a statement obtained under duress. Imagine the mental frame  of a young girl for the  past seven years in an unknown country and that too in a jail, awaiting to be beheaded. The mere thought of awaiting this death in a lonely cell is certainly enough to cripple even the strongest of man. So think about the plight of Rizana who may be dying minute after minute past six years. Is this Islam? This is mockery of Islam and Shariah!

Isn’t it time that Muslims worldwide think of liberating Islamic holy land from the medieval Saudi family tyranny?

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  1. Not only muslima and muslim organizations, anyone who has good human qualities, will help Rizanas family to build a house and educate her siblings, in order to fullfill this innocent  childs wishes.
    I am a christian and I feel this way, there are many others around the world who are real good human beings. Altho Rizana is no more, her wishes and will come true.
    Eternal rest grant unto poor Rizana O Lord and let perpectual light shine upon her, may her soul rest in peace.

  2. Walai Salaam Warahamathullahi Wabarakathuhu

    We are in an era where all actions have been pointed at Islam whether directly or indirectly. In the article there are four major issues:

    Mode of employment

    Saudi Regime
    Shariah law
    (May be)Muslims in Sri Lanka

     1.The mode of employment was main cause of the unfortunate incident. Under aged girl was sent to do domestic work through improper way. Hence the parents, the agent, the Government agencies and the Ummah takes the blame and we cannot deny it.This reminds me of the Saudi saying 'If you not here this wouldn't happen'
    2. Saudi Regime is of course no one agrees with their governance at the same time none wants to take a lead in changing. We only give our opinion and create more Fitnah among Muslims We need unity not factions
    3. Shariah none can dispute and we should be grateful Allah at least Saudi Government is following Shariah Law but how it is applied up to the Judiciary and I am not qualified to comment
    4. Muslims in Sri lanka have their own problems aided and abetted by foriegn elements and further we are the cause of it too as we don't live by Islam.

    Rizana's case has been blown out of proportion because of Saudi Arabia and Islam and we Muslims too follow suite. Thousands of children being killed by drone attacks but not a word from the world. Why? Do you wants us to follow the world? If so keeping quiet is the world policy.
    If you want to follow Islam start living like Muslims and fight all the evils irrespective of Regimes


  3. Assalaamualaikum,
    This is the ummaha of prophet muhammad(p.b.u.h) ,All the muslims(rich muslims) of srilanka are answerable for this injustice what happened to  rizana (shaheed)inshaallaha ,because they are very busy with building houses,buying luxury vehicles,relaxing at nuwereliya spending 1000s of dollars for the hotels collecting these precious stuffs to their graves, if some one thaught if this is my daughter wil she has to leave srilanka in that young age,will rizana nafeeks family wil be poor.how many poor familys are suffering without basic needs in srilanka,on the day of judgement Allaha is going to ask from u, I gave u wealth,what did u do in the path of Allaha,are u going to tell that i travelled around the globe sight seeing and thanking Allaha or saved my money in the banks,if we are hungry we fill feel that,why we cannot feel some ones hunger,why we live sooo selfish,we earn,save money,build houses ,buy lands,for our next generation,WALLAHI ,if you live like that ALLAHA will make ur generations beggars no question in that,we should have but it should be a limit, when the time of UMAR(raliyallahuanhu) there was a small empty land ,then he inquired about that land and he got to know that land was gifted by prophet muhammad (p.b.u.h) to bilaal ,then he met bilaal and asked about this land UMAR (raliyallahuanhu ) said this empty land is doing nothing should do something worth for the muslm ummaha ,but bilaal disagreed he said this is a gift from prophet muhammad(p.b.u.h)i wont give i will keep this for the memory of prophet muhammad(p.b.u.h) but UMAR(raliyallahuanhu)had to take that for the baithul maal .what is our situation ,buyin,buying,buying not ending but ALLAHA will make our children beggars if we dont help the poor thats what the QURAAN and SUNNA teached us,at last we are not going to take anything to our graves only good deeds and sadakathul jaariya.
     Allahs punishment will be for sure for the TAGHUT saudia puppet regeme, inshaallaha to this puppet same fate will happen what happend to TAGHUT ghadafi and TAGHUT mubarak.


    All in the name of Sharia – Oh! Allah save us from these abuses committed in thy name. In no way Rizana could be punished for the crime attributed to her.

    1. A mother must breast feed her child for 2 years. In this case Sharia law is ignored. Rizana was taken in as a house maid, she has no experience in nursing a baby. This is like you hire a carpenter to repair chair and then ask him to put up a wall and when the wall collapses you hang him.

    2. There was no postmortem to ascertain the cause of the death.

    3. Rizana's confession was obtained under duress. In Sri Lanka average Colombo Muslim finds it difficult to understand the Tamil of a Batticaloa Muslim, just imagine a Kerala Muslim doing the translation for Rizana.

    4.In Saudi all trials are held in Camera, what prevents a public hearing of cases. This is not part of Sharia.

    5. The parents have left their infant in the hand of House maid who is not a trained baby sitter as such there is contributory negligence on the part of the Parents.

    6. Justice must not only be done, but seem to be done. Isn't this part of Sharia.

    7. Saudi Arabia and some of the Arab regimes strictly adhere to the criminal aspect of Sharia Law purely to keep them in power,  but what of economic, social aspect of Sharia Laws.

    8. In Saudi Arabia, criticism of the government be it constructive or destructive is viewed as Treason.

    9. Sometime back a brother made an application to the Qazi for a divorce of his brother from his wife on the ground that they belonged to 2 different tribes. The Qazi granted the divorce, the wife fought back and ended up in jail. She refused to come out of the jail unless she gets her husband and 2 kids. The matter went up in appeal and the appeal court confirmed the findings of the Qazi. The wife ended up in a house for destitute and threatened to commit suicide. After more than 2 to 3 years The King decreed that the Husband and wife be allowed to live together. It is sad after 1500 years of Islam, the land of Islam is unable to rise above tribalism.

    10. The impression given to the world is that Sharia Law is all about cutting  hands and chopping heads. What of the mercy side of Sharia Law?

    11. Had there been gun powder and guns during the time of our beloved Prophet  our beloved Prophet would not gone to battle with swords, bow and arrow. If death sentences were to be given our beloved Prophet  would have sent the criminals before  firing squads.

  5. A humble request from all Muslim organizations in the country to make
    Rizana Nafeek’s dream come true..a proper house and a better life for
    siblings.Sadly, even after eight years not a single organization has
    come forward to build a complete house and they still live in a
    thatched one-roomed house with coconut leaves for the roof and a few
    plastic chairs.

    It is a shame despite having many wealthy businessmen and
    organizations with funds flowing in from countries like Saudi Arabia,
    our community has failed to build a house and/ or support the poor and
    helpless family..

    We should be ashamed of ourselves…!


  6. “The mothers shall give such to their offspring for two whole years, if the father desires to complete the term. But he shall bear the cost of their food and clothing on equitable terms. No soul shall have a burden laid on it greater than it can bear. No mother shall be treated unfairly on account of her child. Nor father on account of his child; an heir shall be chargeable in the same way. If they both decide on weaning, by mutual consent, and after due consultation, there is no blame on them. If ye decide on a foster-mother for your offspring, there is no blame on you, provided ye pay (the mother) what ye offered, on equitable terms. But fear Allah and know that Allah sees well what ye do. ”

    The 2 years appears to be the upper limit that can be terminated earlier. Moreover, it does not say that only breastfeeding is allowed. I also don’t know what the bottle contained. It could be breast milk or formula.

    Overall I’d say the verse is an injunction to take care of babies and their care-givers more than a rule about breast feeding.

  7. ”It’s all very well to blame the Saudis but we as the Sri Lankan Muslim community did nothing to prevent our young girls from being subject to their barbarism.
    We tend to look at our Deen through a microscope – the do’s don’ts are the most important for us we are concned primarily with our own salvation and therefore we tend to neglect what is a fundamental doctrine in Islam – the ummah. We have to look out for each other – that is part parcel of being a Muslim.
    If a member of our community is in want – we need to fulfill that need – in this case Rizana’s family – there would have been no necessity of her having to go to Saudi if their needs were looked after.
    If our Muslim brother/sister is committing a wrong – we need to stop it – in this case, forging her passport sending her to a place without a mahram; unislamic undoubtedly!
    So we too are complicit in this dastardly deed in Allah’s eyes I’m sure.
    And it’s a shame that it was only Dr.Lalith Kotalawela who got involved in this case – no Muslim philanthropists. A friend of mine – a Muslim did try her best for this girl in terms of garnering support, getting legal aid, liaising with officials etc….
    I admire the Indians – when that girl was raped – it was as though all of good moral Indians (irrespective of ethnicity or religion)were raped and they felt it as one unified body and showed it to all the world. What are we doing?”’