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Islamic Finance Today [IFT] – October 2016


Islamic Finance Today, the exclusive Islamic Banking and Finance Magazine has released its latest October 2016 issue focused on the Growth Prospects for the industry.

The magazine which is available online for free, features articles and interviews by Professor Kabir Hassan, Daud Vicary, Joy Abdullah, Rakaan Kayali, Siti Muawanah, Abbas Mirakhor and Aishath Muneeza.

The all-new e-version edited by its founder editor-in-chief Asiff Hussein plans to reach a large number of industry professionals with its reader-friendly format, rich and varied content and up-to-date, thought-provoking information for investment savvy readers looking for a fresh approach and new perspectives on the developments and growth potential of the industry. The magazine delivers a mix of exclusive articles by the leading scholars in the field, interviews with prominent personalities, industry trends, news, views and events.

Since its launch as an e-magazine in early 2015, a number of leading international scholars have contributed to the publication, among them Rushdi Siddiqui, Malcolm Harper, Paul Mc.Namara, Blake Goud, Sayd Farook, Shafiq Jakhura, Riaz Ansary,  Furqan Ahmed, Ayishath Muneeza, Nida Khan, Sadia Karim, Shabana Hasan and Rosie Kmeid.

The magazine can be accessed free at http://iftmagazine.com/

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