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October, 2021

  • 26 October

    Travellers and traders: Muslims of Sri Lanka By Uditha Devapriya

    In 851 AD, an Arab merchant, called Soleyman, wrote an account of his travels to the island of Serendib. Impressionistic but insightful, it records the earliest known engagement of a Muslim with Sri Pada, also known as Samantukuta. Soleyman does not refer to Sri Pada as “aadam malayi”, the name we see in later Muslim reconstructions of the peak. Instead …

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  • 20 October

    Sri Lanka government decides to ban cattle slaughter

    The government approved  prohibition of cattle slaughter in order to increase local dairy industry. The decision was announced at the weekly cabinet meeting at the Information Department today. Accordingly, approval of the cabonet was granted on September 28 and permitted to amend the laws and regulations applicable to it and to amend laws passed by the local government institutions in …

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  • 14 October

    Muhammad: An example for all people of all times

    They say that reading biographies is perhaps the best way to learn real life lessons. That is because a biography is a record of practice. Of what worked and what didn’t. The life of Muhammad is perhaps one of the most well documented in human history. Having said that one may ask why his life and all the detail are …

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  • 5 October

    Swedish Prophet Muhammad cartoonist killed in car crash

    Lars Vilks had lived under police protection since depicting Islam’s revered figure with the body of a dog in 2007. Vilks worked as an artist for almost four decades and rose to fame after producing several controversial works [File: Reuters] Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist who stirred worldwide controversy in 2007 with drawings depicting the Prophet Muhammad with the body …

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  • 4 October

    Those People from the Past

    It was while researching the genealogy of my maternal ancestors that I stumbled upon a burgher lady named, Ms Pompeus, who was supposed to have been the Governess who taught English, Reading, and Piano, to my maternal grandma’s father, MLMH Shareef, and his siblings, Sakeena and Haseena. The Marikar Haji family members belonged to the “Jemmi” ootar (family group) in those …

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