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Shared Heritage of Daughters of Eve

Headcoverings – Reflections from women of faith


The hijab, as a part of the Muslim faith, has been heavily politicised over recent years, not only in the UK, but across Europe. Questions around whether the wearing of religious symbols in public should be allowed and the banning of hijab in certain places led us at the Muslim Women’s Council to think about how we could reclaim the narrative from the media and the politicians.

Head coverings are perceived as belonging solely to the Islamic faith: the reality is that the majority of faiths promote female head coverings. It was important to us that this perception was challenged and the shared heritage of head coverings was celebrated in order to help people understand and question their attitudes towards it. To achieve this we brought together women from the Judaic, Christian and Muslim faith backgrounds to celebrate their shared heritage. The book that you hold is a culmination of their stories and conversations.

Source : http://www.muslimwomenscouncil.org.uk

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