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Syrians asked for Freedom and Dignity By Latheef Farook

syrians-asked-for-freedom-and-dignitySunni majority Syria ruled by minority Shiite, around 12 percent, roseup during the Arab uprising in May 2011 seeking basic human rights and freedom. All what they got were death,destructionand unprecedentedsuffering and misery.

Their cities,towns and villages were bombed and destroyed, men ,women, children and the aged massacred, economy in ruins with an estimated loss exceeding around US Dollar 250 billion,

modern infrastructure inshamble, livelihood wiped out, society dispersed, families torn apart with people fleeing all over in search of safety.

This misery was caused by United States, Britain, France, Israel and Russia by exploiting Syrian uprising to implement their evil design to destroySyria and the Middle East.

Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assadwas supported by Iran, Russia and China while the deceptive and fraudulent policy of US, Britain, France andRussia was to annihilate Syria and ensure a crippled Bashar Al Assad remains in power.

One after the other US,Britain, France and Russia bombed Syriaunder the guise of bombing ISIL which was created by US and Israel and funded by Saudi head choppers.

First, US President Barack Obama bombed anything and everything from a vegetable markets to universities indiscriminately killing Syrians.

Then British Prime Minister David Cameroon slaughtered Syrians though Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, warned of civilian death.He wanted the government to focus on a political solution, and cutting off IS funding streams.

Then in November 2015 French President Francois declared that. “France is at war,” and bombed Syria killing thousands of civilians.

In September 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin who turned Chechnya into a slaughter house, began his ferocious airstrikes roasting and toasting Syrians. Amnesty International said that “Russia is guilty of someof the most egregious war crimes” in decades”. Human Rights Watch reported extensive use of cluster munitions by Russia and Syria in violation of United Nations resolution 2139 of February 22, 2014.

According to reports Russia has used white phosphorus against targets in Al-Raqqa and Idlib, causing civilian casualties. assad putin rouhani

Thus the four powers-US, Britain, France and Russia-used the most sophisticated and most destructive air power tocommit heinous crimes on Syrian population.

However there were reports that wounded ISIS fighters were getting medical treatment in Israeli hospitals transported through Syrian territories. Added to this Israel’s military intelligence chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, declared in June 2016 that Israel prefers a Syria ruled by IS than Bashar al Assad supported by Iran,

Now it has come to open that Israel and its US, British, French and Russian partners in crime needed IS to use it as a pretext to implement their evil design on Syria and the Middle East.

As a result Syria has disintegrated into a cauldron of competing rebel groups, terrorist elements, international powers and religious factions. Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Half the country’s pre-war population — more than 11 million people — have been killed or forced to flee their homes.

US led European war mongers have thepowerful Zionistcontrolled western media at their disposal to sell their lies and deception to hoodwink the world in shaping the Middle East to suit Zionist agenda.

bashar alassadCommenting on the situation British writer Sams Gerrans had this to state under the head line“Destruction of Syria is the plan;

This time the plan – at least judging from the outcomes – is to destroy Syria. Syria has been anathema to the self-appointed arbiters of righteousness: the ‘international community’, that coterie of hypocrites which arrogates to itself the monopoly on meting out death to those who won’t get with the program.

I’m going to simplify things: the Plan for a New American Century – a document which was created by neoconservative warmongers in or close to power under George Bush Jr. – listed countries which it wanted the US to attack, namely: North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria.

The journal-neo.org site states: “[all were] pinpointed as enemies of the U.S. well before the illegal war in Iraq in 2003, as well as the illegal 2011 war in Libya and the ongoing proxy war in Syria.”

Retired US General Wesley Clarke went on record in 2007 stating that the fix was in: the U.S. had unilaterally decided to destroy Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

It is believed that the Syrian army receives substantial support from the Quds Force; in June 2015, some reports suggested that the Iranian military were effectively in charge of the Syrian government troops on the battlefield.

After the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Ali Khamenei in Tehran on 23 November 2015, Iran was said to have made a decision to unify its stance vis-a-vis the Syrian leadership with Russia’s.

Israel, the architect of this Judeo-Christian Crusade against Muslims, remains the best beneficiary of the destruction of Syria. To begin with both US and Russia got Assad to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons and remove any threat to Israel.

The so called Geneva talks were nothing but conspiracies to hoodwink the world.US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov were hand in glove   in this conspiracy.

The ultimate design is to create Greater Israel as part of their plan to divide Middle East into further smaller to states.This is the continuation of the US-Israeli led European conspiracy to ensure that Muslims remain backward and poverty stricken.

Iranian Mullahsand Saudi head choppers too have their share of Syrian blood .Saudis armed and funded groups to overthrow Assad and install a pro Saudi regime.

Iranjoined withRussia tosupport Assad’s barbarity to ensure Assad in powerknowing very well themisery theywere causingtoharmless people and the country .

Syria today is the largest battlefield and generator of Sunni-Shia sectarianism the world has ever seen, with deep implications for the future boundaries of the Middle East and the spread of terrorism. Thus both Iran and Saudi too contributed to the destruction of Syria. Under such circumstance how can these two countries callthemselves Muslims?              

Today Syrians are struggling to survive inside Syria, or make a new home in neighbouring countries. Others are risking their lives on the way to Europe. And harsh winters and hot summers make life as a refugee even more difficult.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are also attempting the dangerous trip across the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey to Greece, hoping to find a better future in Europe. Not all of them make it across alive. Those who do make it to Greece still face steep challenges — resources are strained by the influx, services are minimal and much of the route into Western Europe has been closed.

The risks on the journey to the border can be as high as staying: Families walk for miles through the night to avoid being shot at by snipers or being caught by soldiers who will kidnap young men to fight for the regime.

Syria’s Sunni Muslims were wiped out. However Syrian butcher Bashar Al Assad remains in power. This is the new World Order?   27 June 2016

Latheef Farook is Colombo based senior journalist and author. He could be reached at almfarook19@yahoo.com

Source : http://latheeffarook.net

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