Special Days

Al Hijri New Year 1446: Muharram begins..

When is Muharram? Muharram, also known as Muharram-ul-Haram, is the first month of the Hijri calendar and thus marks the beginning of the Islamic year. It is the only month which Allah’s name has been attached to – the Prophet Muhammad (saw) referred to it as ‘the Sacred Month of Allah’ – and is thus a highly blessed month. It is one of the …

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What Is Ashura and Why Is It Important?

Why is it called Ashura? “Ashura” comes from the Arabic word for the number ten, and the word Muharram comes from the Arabic word haram, meaning forbidden.  According to Islamic tradition, the month of Muharram was one of the most sacred months of the calendar, during which warfare was forbidden.  As we welcome the new Islamic year, we should take the time to reflect …

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