Western Cultural Boycott of Israel grows stronger day by By :- By Jonathan Cook

It was another difficult week for Israel. In Britain, 700 artists, including many household names, pledged a cultural boycott of Israel, and a leader of the Board of Deputies, the representative body of UK Jews, quit, saying he could no longer abide by its ban on criticising Israel. Across the Atlantic, the student body of one of the most prestigious …

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Kissinger endorses world without Israel – By: Kevin Barrett

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been vilified in the Western media fordaring to imagine “a world without Israel.” But according to news reports, Henry Kissinger and sixteen American intelligence agencies agree that in the near future, Israel will no longer exist.  The New York Post quotes Kissinger “word for word”: In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.  Kissinger's …

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The Prawer Plan, which was put into effect last week, involves demolishing Arab Bedouin villages in the Negev Desert to make way for new Jewish settlements. World Bulletin / News Desk

The Arab League on Thursday warned of serious consequences of a controversial Israeli plan, dubbed the Prawer plan, to destroy dozens of unrecognized Bedouin villages in Negev and evacuate tens of thousands of locals. "This plan contradicts substantially with efforts to provide an atmosphere conducive to the success of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks," the pan-Arab body's chief Nabil al-Arabi said in …

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Sharon An obituary in blood By Ameen Izzadeen

Yet another Israeli leader dies and escapes from being tried for war crimes. Ariel Sharon could escape war crimes charges but in the world court of public opinion, he will remain a war criminal. Sharon is not alone, almost all Israeli leaders since that country’s creation in 1948 are war crimes suspects. Arab and Palestinian blood is on their hands. …

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Zionist war criminal Ariel Sharon died after eight years in death throes. By Latheef Farook

Western leaders’ responses demonstrate their powerlessness    in the face of Jewish crimes.  Israel’s former prime minister Ariel Sharon, known for his massacres and genocides of Palestinians ,destruction of their properties and accused  by an Israel commission    itself of  massacring Palestinians, died on Friday 10 January 2014. However world leaders from United Nations secretary General Ban Ki Moon, United States President …

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