Justice in Islam New Ethical Perspectives

IIIT       International Institute of Islamic Thought From its roots in the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to its branches in contemporary political and social movements, Islam has always been concerned with the question of social justice. The promise of a just order on earth has motivated both the reflections of the community of scholars and the …

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Imthiaz’ book titled “Beyond Common Narratives”

Fine Work of Literature says veteran journalist Siri Ranasinghe

By Latheef Farook Few years ago, when the government sponsored violence against Muslims unleashed by saffron and civil mercenaries were at its peak ‘I got into a three wheel drive at Wellawatta to go to Kollupitiya. The young and knowledgeable three wheel driver who initiated discussion on violence   touched politics which ruined the country said, “Sir, all what we need …

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Book Review on Prominent Muslim Personalities in Sri Lanka

Few months ago during a conversation with well-known educationist Mohamed Nahya, former member of Public Service Commission and now a member of Right to Information, RIT, we emphasised the need to compile a book on prominent Muslim personalities. This was extremely important especially in view of the community’s fast fading interest on the need to record the contributions of our …

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Hajj : Step by Step

  This book focuses on the rituals of Hajj and `Umrah, accompanying the pilgrim from the first steps of putting on the ihram cloth and starting Hajj, going through the days of Hajj, day by day, till the final rituals of Hajj (the Farewell Tawaf). 

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