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Shared Heritage of Daughters of Eve

Headcoverings – Reflections from women of faith   The hijab, as a part of the Muslim faith, has been heavily politicised over recent years, not only in the UK, but across Europe. Questions around whether the wearing of religious symbols in public should be allowed and the banning of hijab …

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IOU Islamic Parenting Booklet

In this booklet, you will learn: 01. How to connect your children to the sahaba/sahabis 02. Tips to discipline your child without yelling or shouting 03. Easy and successful ways to make your child listen to you 04. Common mistakes parents make while disciplining their kids, and how to avoid …

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Dhurastha Dhaknaya by Lukman Harees

A POETICAL WORK IN SINHALA TO SUIT THE NEED OF THE TIMES  During this rather challenging period for the Sri Lankan Nation, the imperative need was felt to reach the hearts and minds of the youth specially among the Sinhala and Muslim populations to convey the inherent dangers in subscribing …

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Ramadan for New Muslims (Second Edition)

To attain God-consciousness and the great reward of Allah, a Muslim needs to learn the morals and lessons from fasting the month of Ramadan. OnIslam.net, therefore, produces a second edition of this e-book, whose contents are based mainly on informative articles, to help new Muslims, and also non-Muslims

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Lift Up Your Heart in Ramadan

The  month  of  Ramadan  is  here.  To  live  and  witness  this  blessed  month is  a great  gift  that  we  should  all  thank  Allah  for.  It  is  also  a  unique chance  to  cleanse  our  hearts,  to  purify  our  souls,  to  amend  our  ways and to get spiritually recharged. In  this  refreshing, …

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