How a growing number of Muslims are making Japan their home

Migrant workers and local converts are swelling the ranks of the country’s small but significant Muslim community The number of mosques in Japan has grown from four in the 1980s to 110, a Japanese expert on Islam has said (AFP) There were “hardly any Arabs in the country” says Mohamed Shokeir about the first time he travelled to Japan in …

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Islam in Japan: past and present By :- Samee Siddiqui

Tokyo Camii, or the Tokyo Mosque, is a curious sight, both stunning and subtle. Despite the grand Turkish design, the mosque hides between apartment blocks in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Yoyogi Uehara. Construction of the current incarnation of the mosque was completed in 2000, but the mosque has a much longer history. It was in the 1930s when Japan …

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History of Islam in Japan

Islam's relation with Japan is quite recent as compared to those with other countries around the world. There are no clear records of any contact between Islam and Japan nor any historical traces of Islam coming into Japan through religious propagation of any sort except for some isolated cases of contact between individual Japanese and Muslims of other countries before …

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