Mosque Attacks

Sri Lanka’s recipe for renewed failure By Tariq A. Al-Maeena

A mistake once committed is rarely repeated by a rational entity.  However such is not the case with the government of Sri Lanka.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that following the 30-year war with the Tamil minority, the Sri Lankan rulers have not learned their lesson. Today, they are busily spreading the seeds of discord against another minority; the island’s …

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Calculated attack on Grandpass mosque By Latheef Farook

Latest step in the build up to commemorate anniversary of 1915 Sinhala Muslim Riots with July 83 type attacks on Muslims? By Latheef Farook The timely settlement of the dispute over the mosque at the Swarna Chaithiya Mawatha   averted a potentially disastrous conflict which had all the ingredients to turn the area into a killing field. This could have even …

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