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How a growing number of Muslims are making Japan their home

Migrant workers and local converts are swelling the ranks of the country’s small but significant Muslim community The number of mosques in Japan has grown from four in the 1980s to 110, a Japanese expert on Islam has said (AFP) There were “hardly any Arabs in the country” says Mohamed Shokeir about the first time he travelled to Japan in …

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Athens’s first mosque since the 19th century is ‘a dream come true’ By Demetrios Ioannou in Athens, Greece

The mosque overcame opposition from Golden Dawn, and now Covid has closed its doors for now. But Greece’s 200,000 Muslims finally have a place of worship   Imam Sidi Mohammed Zaki crosses the light blue carpet and takes his place under the mihrab. Behind him, seven men and, in a separate room, one woman are waiting for Zaki to begin one of the first …

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China Removes Domes and Minarets of Mosque, UK Diplomat Shares ‘Depressing’ Before-after Photos

China allegedly removed the Arabic-style domes and minarets of Nanguan Mosque in Ningxia province and repainted the building to make it fall in line with the Communist Party of China’s strict stance against the expression of religion. Amid an alleged rise in clampdown on religious minorities in China, the government has been “renovating” mosques in across several provinces to adhere …

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Islām & Ireland: Historical Allies by: Amar Alam

In a climate where Muslims are constantly being attacked and vilified and their religious freedoms are gradually being restricted, open discourse has often led to a greater understanding of Islām. Despite the progress that has been made to combat Islamophobia in British society, certain influential figures continue to promote misinformed ideas, and propagate their own personal views about Islām that …

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Muslim Council of Britain to train women to run mosques

Six-month programme aims to increase diversity and follows calls for greater involvement Muslim women praying in Regents Park Mosque to celebrate the last day of the holy month of Ramadan. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo Britain’s leading Muslim organisation has launched a scheme to train women for leadership positions in mosques and community bodies. Twenty women have embarked on the six-month …

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