No magic lamp solution without Syria’s Aladdin. By Ameen Izzadeen

After nearly five years of violence that has displaced some 12 million people, some real talks are to be held to end the war in Syria, thanks to the military intervention of Russia. Russia is doing it its way, scaring the daylights out of the pseudo jihadists or pet terrorists of the West and the oil sheikhs while the space …

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Drowned Syrian Toddler Shocks World

CAIRO – The photo of a three-year-old Syrian toddler lying face down on the beach, after he and his family drowned, has sparked outcry worldwide, reflecting the heartbreaking horrors and tragedy of Syria's refugees. The "tragic image of a little boy who’s lost his life fleeing Syria is shocking and is a reminder of the dangers children and families are …

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Syrian Muslims sufferings in appalling conditions

By Latheef Farook Shameful indictment on Saudi and Gulf sheikhs floating in wealth and spent more than $ 100 billion on purchasing weapons. The ancient country of Syria is now reduced to ashes. According to reports more than eleven million Syrians are displaced and around five million are suffering in appalling condition in refugee camps in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon …

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A dire situation for Syria’s Palestinian refugees

Several credible reports this week from Palestinian refugees in Syria and Europe, the latter among those who by various means managed to escape the Syrian conflict with their lives, illustrate the increasing pressure and dangers Palestinians are facing here just trying to survive. And the chances of survival are not likely to improve anything soon. Three serious cases over the …

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Obama Declares War on Syria : By Stephen Lendman

August 27, 2014 "ICH" –  The Islamic State is the pretext. Syria is the target. At issue is regime change.    It's replacing its sovereign independence with pro-Western stooge governance. It's wanting unchallenged regional control.   It's wanting Big Oil exploiting its resources. It's wanting Iran isolated. It's aiding Israel's Greater Middle East agenda.   It's making the world safe …

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