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Palestinian crisis and the see-no-evil diplomacy of the US by Ameen Izzadeen

The Palestinian crisis should be kept in the public discourse till a just solution is found. It is not an issue to be forgotten with ceasefires only to remerge on the global agenda with another Israeli attack.  No country can call itself civilised if it tolerates injustice, colonialism and oppression. Whether the atrocities are committed by a foe or friend, silence …

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Israel’s endless war crimes in Gaza! Backed by Champions of human rights in US and Europe By Latheef Farook

More than thirteen years ago, between 27 December 2008 and 18 January 2009, Israel unleashed its carnage on the besieged and starving Palestinians in Gaza. As usual the United States, Britain, France and Russia provided Israel enough time to continue the killings and destruction. Their response remain unchanged even during Israel’s latest May 2021 carnage. Gaza is a small beach …

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In Pictures: Palestinian solidarity rallies around the world

Large demonstrations around the world in support of Palestine. People gather during a demonstration to express solidarity with Palestinian people in Tehran, Iran. [Majid Asgaripour/WANA/Reuters] Members of Islamic organisations and trade unions demand that the unloading of goods from Israel be halted in the port of Durban, South Africa. [Rogan Ward/Reuters] Demonstrators take part in a pro-Palestine protest in Sarajevo, …

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The uneven killing fields of the Middle East By Thalif Deen

Scenes of the current conflict. The violence has claimed many lives. In most civil wars and military conflicts across the politically-volatile Middle East, including in Syria, Yemen and Palestine, the ongoing battles are being fought not on a level playing field but on an uneven killing field. And it is more so in the current fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, …

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PM says Palestinian people’s legitimate right to statehood must be upheld

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa today said that the Palestinian people’s legitimate right to statehood must be upheld amidst escalating tension between Palestine and Israel which had claimed many lives in recent weeks. Rajapaksa said he was deeply concerned about the latest outbreak of hostilities within the Israeli-Palestinian region, which had already caused untold suffering for the people on both sides …

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