Multi-cultural freedom in Slave Island by Dishan Joseph

Beira Lake and Colombo skyline The city of Colombo is being beautifully transformed. Its skyline is marked with high rise towers. Over the centuries Colombo City has boldly withstood the victories and vicissitudes of life. She stands strong like a grand old lady, adapting to the digitally dominated lifestyle of her citizens. As we know we are bestowed with 15 …

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Why a Muslim woman safeguards Jewish history for all Moroccans

WHY WE WROTE THIS If history shapes identity, then shared history is a cherished resource in today’s world. For Zhor Rehihil, Muslim curator of the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, the shared past provides a path to a better future. Zhor Rehihil walks past a green-cloth-wrapped ancient Torah, ornamental brass lamps, and prayer books she has watched over for more than …

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Dubai-based Syrian businessman creates Quran in embroidery

Syrian artist reproduces entire Quran in embroidered calligraphy By Shafaat Shahbandari, Staff Reporter Dubai: It’s unique, it’s magical and it’s monumental. A Syrian businessman in his 50s has come up with a new form of art that’s a blend of calligraphy and embroidery and, interestingly, he has used his skills to script the world’s first Quran entirely in embroidery. Without …

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It’s a Friday-Saturday weekend By ARAB NEWS

A royal decree was issued yesterday changing the official Saudi weekend to Friday and Saturday, a move that will bring the Kingdom’s working week closer to that of other countries and boost international business relations.   Saudi Arabia, the biggest Arab economy, was the only member of the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council to have a Thursday-Friday weekend after Oman shifted …

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Muslim Patriotism In Sri Lanka: My Questions To BBS By Rifai Naleemi

This article should be read contextually with all previous parts. . It is not my objective to make any derogatory criticism of any community or any religion. An attempt has been made here to illustrate how Sinhalese people have been sympathetic and companionate towards all other religious groups in the past.  Though Portuguese and Hindu invaders from South India try to …

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