Book Reviews

Springs of Saylan: The Muslim Contribution to Sri Lanka by Asiff Hussein

Springs of Sailan is a compendious work on the Muslim contribution to Sri Lanka authored by Asiff Hussein and published by Sailan Muslim Foundation. The Muslims of Sri Lanka have for long lived in peace and harmony with the other communities that have made Sri Lanka their home.  They have contributed immensely to the culture, economy and the national life …

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100 Year History of Zahira College

100 Year History of Zahira College, Colombo 1892-1992 written by Marina Ismail and M.M.M. Mahroof. It is available for sale at Zahira College, Colombo 10. Please contact the Principal.

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Shared Heritage of Daughters of Eve

Headcoverings – Reflections from women of faith   The hijab, as a part of the Muslim faith, has been heavily politicised over recent years, not only in the UK, but across Europe. Questions around whether the wearing of religious symbols in public should be allowed and the banning of hijab in certain places led us at the Muslim Women’s Council …

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Book Launch – ‘Clouding the Crescent in Sri Lanka’

A well researched and documented book on the rise and fall of communal politics in Sri Lanka,by Lukman Harees,UK based Sri Lankan author and social activist , will be launched on Monday 19th October at 6.00 pm,  at the ClubHouse , Havelock City, Colombo 06.This book particularly highlights  how the recent hate campaign against Sri Lankan Muslims affected the socio-political …

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