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Colonial Influences On The Modern Sinhala Language

The Sinhala language as we know it today has evolved through four different eras. Image courtesy exploresrilanka.lk

From the 16th century onwards, the European colonial powers made a significant cultural impact on many aspects of Sri Lankan culture. Modern Sinhala was influenced immensely by its contact with three European languages, the languages of the colonisers: Portuguese, Dutch, and English. Prior to the Colonial invasions, Ceylon’s strategic location …

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Who was the creator of Sinhala (hela) music?

Maximus Jayantha Anandappa (MJA) has marshalled compelling inferential evidence which leaves little doubt that Sunil Santha (SS) was the Creator of “Hela Sangeethaya” or genuine Sinhala Music (The Island 1st June). Sunil Santha’s senior contemporary Ananda Samarakoon (AS) might be regarded as the forerunner of the “Hela” musical tradition, but …

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Fezzes and Surattu Toppis

Headdresses of the Muslims of Old By Asiff Hussein Surattu Toppi The ordinary headgear of the Muslims of Sri Lanka in the olden days was a white skullcap. However the head-dress usually worn by the more affluent Muslims was an altogether different type of head-gear. It was a costly multi-coloured, …

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