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Rally for Unity – Sri Lanka

On this program Sanjana Hattotuwa talks to Mohamed Hisham, Co-Spokesperson, Rally for Unity. (Date of first Broadcast June 16, 2013) The series that gives you insights on Peace and Politics; Business and Development; Society and the Environment; Culture and the Arts. Mohamed Hisham from Young Asia Television on Vimeo.

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All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) – Media Conference – MUST WATCH VIDEOS

01 Allegations Against Muslims & ACJU     02 Allegations Against Mosque & Muslims as Extremists – By Ash Sheikh Faazil Farook     03 Allegations Against Halaal Certifications – By Ash Sheikh Murshid Mulaffar     04 Question & Answer – By Ash Sheikh Murshid Mulaffar     05 Allegations Against Muslims (Tamil)     Press Release held on …

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