For the first time, Saudi government releases detailed pictures of Black Stone in the House of God By Sakina Fatima

The presidency indicated that the filming period took 7 hours, and the number of pictures reached 1050 with ‘Focus Stack Panorama’ technology. Riyadh: The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has revealed hitherto unseen images of ‘Hajr-e-Aswad’ or the ‘Black Stone’ creating a ripple among the faithful. The new high resolution images were …

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Athens’s first mosque since the 19th century is ‘a dream come true’ By Demetrios Ioannou in Athens, Greece

The mosque overcame opposition from Golden Dawn, and now Covid has closed its doors for now. But Greece’s 200,000 Muslims finally have a place of worship   Imam Sidi Mohammed Zaki crosses the light blue carpet and takes his place under the mihrab. Behind him, seven men and, in a separate room, one woman are waiting for Zaki to begin one of the first …

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50 Virtues of Masjid al-Aqsa Every Muslim Should Know

All praise is for Allāh, and salutations and peace be upon the Messenger of Allāh, upon his family, companions, and whoever follows his guidance. Al-Masjid al-Aqsa is one of the most significant sites of Islām on the face of this Earth with some of its merits unique to it alone. The Qur’ān and Ḥadīth are replete with its virtues; scholars …

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Al Aqsa: the third sanctuary

Masjid Al-Aqsa has always been dear to the hearts of Muslims, but how much do we know about Islam’s third holiest site and its history? The Prophet (peace be upon him) advised: “None of you is a true believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” (Bukhari & Muslim) Abu Hurairah also quotes another hadeeth: “The …

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Cambodia’s largest mosque opens in Phnom Penh

PM Hun Sen commends country’s peaceful Muslim community at inauguration. World Bulletin / News Desk  Cambodia’s largest and only Ottoman-style mosque was officially opened by Prime Minister Hun Sen in a ceremony attended by more than 1,000 people in the capital Friday. Al-Serkal Grand Mosque in Phnom Penh's Boeng Kak neighbourhood was funded by Eisa Bin Nasser Bin Abdullatif Alserkal, …

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