Aluthgama & Darga Town

Aluthgama Riots; Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied By :- Mass L. Usuf

“While it is difficult to claim with authority as to who was behind these riots, it is important to note that the signs of organization and orchestration were evident. The transportation provided for looted goods, the weapons that the attackers had at 6.30 pm, their access to glass bottles, petrol, and long sticks and iron rods and lengths of bicycle …

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Sri Lanka’s Agony – By THE EDITORIAL BOARD

Hate-mongering Buddhist extremists in Sri Lanka have set off the country’s worst wave of anti-Muslim violence in years. A bloody rampage on June 15 in and near the southern city of Aluthgama left four Muslims dead, at least 78 people injured, and Muslim homes and businesses destroyed. The attacks followed an anti-Muslim rally organized by the Bodu Bala Sena, which …

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Buddhist monks must be balanced and moderate

"By acting in direct violation of the forbearance, moderation and patience expected of a bhikku and destroying the image of the Sasana, they evoke nothing but feelings of disgust at both the local and international levels. They are tainting the image of all those who wear the saffron robe." An interview with Baddegama Samitha Thera The Ven. Baddegama Samitha was …

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Sri Lanka; Playground For Anti Muslim Forces

By Latheef Farook     Around four years ago, today’s hate campaign pitting the majority Sinhalese community against the island’s minority Muslims, was unheard of. However, today Sinhalese minds were  poisoned against Muslims to  such an extent that racist    such as Jathika Hela Urumya, JHU, are even justifying  attacks and killing of Muslims and the burning and the destruction …

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