North Africa

Egypt: The return of the pharaoh with US support By Ameen Izzadeen

In its more than 5,000-year history, Egypt last month had what the Western media called its first free-and fair election to pick a head of state. The election ended inconclusively requiring a run-off which will be held on June 16 and 17. In the run-up to the run-off, a sham trial ended with former tyrant Hosni Mubarak and his interior …

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What does the Egyptian election portend? By Latheef Farook

     “Will it be the climax of a revolution, or will it tear the country asunder?”  Egypt is an ancient country with a recorded history of more than 7,000 years. Known for its pyramids and the River Nile this Mediterranean country linking the Middle East and Africa with Europe was the centre of a flourishing civilization, while most of …

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An Ongoing Disaster Libya, Africa and Africom By Dan Glazebrook

  The scale of the ongoing tragedy visited on Libya by NATO and its allies is becoming horribly clearer with each passing day. Estimates of those killed so far vary, but 50,000 seems like a low estimate; indeed the British Ministry of Defence was boasting that the onslaught had killed 35,000 as early as last May. But this number is constantly growing. …

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In March 2011 several member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) launched a military campaign against Colonel Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi’s forces. Although NATO appears to have made significant efforts to minimize the risk of causing civilian casualties, scores of Libyan civilians were killed and many more injured. Amnesty International is concerned that no information has been made available to …

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Derailing Egypt’s Revolution By Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

Many Egyptians are worried about what the future holds for their country. The revolution is only one year old and very fragile. A country of more than 80 million people has high expectations. But groups from within the country and others, from near and afar, are working hard to derail the revolution at best or halt it all together.   …

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