The number of Muslims in South Korea is estimated to be around 100,000, including foreigners.

Seoul, South Korea – This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan, which was a turning point in the history of Islam in Korea. Today, South Korean Muslims make up a tiny minority, 0.2 percent, of the predominantly Christian and Confucian society. As South Korea is opening its doors to Muslim tourists, trying to fill the vacuum left by the declining …

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Itaewon: where Korea and Islam meet – by Ock Hyun-ju

On a drizzly afternoon in Itaewon, Seoul, people busily walk up and down the hilly street leading to Korea‘s largest Islamic mosque. The 200-meter street looks like any other in the city. But these days, “The Islamic street,” as it is better known as, is frequented by Muslims and is home to shops with Arabic signs and restaurants selling halal …

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