Islamic Finance Q & A eBook – Fatwa of Muslim Minorities Series (1)

Download Now The first part of the series "Fatwas of Muslim Minorities" focuses on the financial issues that face Muslim minorities. Many of Muslims' concerns and questions related to banks, loans, mortgage, insurance, business, investment, retirement plans, etc., are answered in this book. Source:

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A Glimpse into Islamic Banking Software Systems by Mr. Muath Mubarak

The evolution and development of Information Systems  (IS) in the banking sector can be traced back to the 1800s, from the introduction of the telegraphic system in the US. Today, sophisticated systems and state of the art technology are widely used in the banking sector, and multi-channel banking makes it much easier and less rushed for us all. The emerging …

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Retrofiqh: The Future Is The Past, By Mohammed Robbani

© Islamic Finance Today The recent outing of two of the backbones of the recent Islamic Finance phenomena in the Mid East (organised Tawarruq and some types of Sukuk) as possibly Haraam has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons. Now, all of sudden – well meaning Islamic bankers and their customers are finding themselves stuck in the middle. Are they …

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Addressing the Shortage of Qualified Shari’ah Advisors in Islamic Banks Hussain G. Rammal

The University of Adelaide Business School.  Adelaide, Australia © Islamic Finance Today The commercialisation of the Islamic financial system in the 1970s was greeted with both hope and scepticism. More than three decades later the system is widely accepted and practiced worldwide. But the future of Islamic finance remains shrouded with uncertainty due to the lack of uniformity in the …

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The financial meltdown and its implications for Islamic banking By Roshan Madawela – Research Intelligence Unit

The mentality of reckless greed and the resulting spread of toxic financial externalities into the ‘real economy’ can be viewed as being diametrically at the opposite end of Islamic finance, in theory at least.  This year has witnessed the most serious break-down in the US financial system in some 70 years.  However it is not only the US that has …

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