Sri Lanka President slams Sweden quran burning, questions HRC silence

Sri Lanka President Ranil Wickremesinghe has criticized the burning of the Quran in Sweden, emphasizing that it violates Freedom of Worship & cannot be justified as Freedom of Expression.

He questions the silence of the HRC in Geneva, warning of a potential divide between the Global South & Western values if they classify it as such.


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  1. You see, the enemy knows how to play the game, we don’t. We are so immature and insecure even about our religion. Do you see other religious scriptures being burnt?

    Here’s how they gain:

    1) Burn Qur’an and get our idiots to react like retards with violence and create a bad impression of Muslims as insecure fools

    2) Bring them more attention

    3) Waste our time and distract us

    Why give them fuel for their fire?

    Why are we getting so worked up? The Qur’an is there for all time. ALLAH Himself guarantees this. We have millions of Qur’ans and countless Hafizs and Hafizahs.

    They can never extinguish Allah’s Light however much they try!

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