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Meet Britain’s first female Muslim football referee

Jawahir Roble is a a Somali-born British football referee and the UK’s first female Muslim official [Jawahir Roble/provided] Jawahir “JJ” Roble is so dedicated to her career as a football referee she has “cut down” on her consumption of chicken nuggets in favour of “good food, like avocados.” It is, apparently, a hardship for the 26-year-old. It is this type …

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20-year-old Palestinian girl becomes youngest Doctor in the World

Iqbal-Al-Assaad became the world’s youngest doctor. She started Medical School when she was only 14 years old and completed at the age of 20. She grew up in Bar Elias, a small village in the Bekaa valley, after her parents arrived in Lebanon.  At the age of 12, she topped in her class during her high school education. By the …

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Sweden stirs debate with women-only swimming, in nod to Muslims

MODELS OF THOUGHT As Muslims become a larger part of Swedish society, some municipal pools are offering women-only swimming to accommodate the new arrivals. But while well intended, the new policy is bumping up against Swedish ideals of equality. By Elisabeth Braw, Correspondent MALMÖ, SWEDEN — On the face of it, the decision to offer special women's swimming hours at the …

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Help Us Show How Beautifully Diverse The Hijab Can Be

Muslim women worldwide wear the hijab — Islamic head covering — in various ways, and often incorporate elements of their own culture to create a head scarf style that is native to their region. The many different styles is a testament to the rich diversity of Muslim women. It’s both an expression of self as much as of love. Sometimes, …

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