Dr. Zakir Naik visited Zahira College

'Dr. Zakir Naik visited Zahira College on Friday, the 28th January 2011. He was introduced to the students, staff and well wishers present, at the assembly, by Mr Mohamed Jiffry, the Principal of Zahira College as one of the most prominent Islamic scholars of today. He has devoted his life not only to the teachings and spreading of Islam but also to eradicate the differences between Muslims and non-Muslims and Islam and other religions.His unequaled knowledge of not only religion, but also science, astronomy and medicine have made him a master advocate of the Islamic faith making none to stand in front of him battling verbally against Islam.

At the assembly of young Zahirians Dr Zakir Naik recalled the status of Muslims as the pioneers of science and urged the students to excel both in secular and religious knowledge. He had a brief discussion of the past, present and future of Zahira with Fouzul  Hameed, the Chairman of Board of Governors and was entrained at the Principal's office, where Dr Naik signed the distinguished visitors book'

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