Israel Kills Family Of 9 In Gaza: By Al Jazeera


Al Jazeera's Nadim Baba, reporting from Gaza, has said that the search continues for survivors of an Israeli air strike that killed nine members of the same family in Gaza.

Our correspondent said rescue workers worked frantically to pick up the debris from "the massive crater where the residential building stood".

Five children were among the nine members of the extended family that died in the attack.

With darkness quickly falling, Al Jazeera's Baba said "a frantic search … at top speed" has been conducted to see if anyone else is still alive under the rubble.

Though such tactics are a risk to anyone that may still be buried under the wreckage, our correspondent said the situation is "far from ideal [and] … time is of the essence".

The deaths in the well-known extended family have left many in Gaza wondering if "anybody is safe … people really are very worried about their own safety" as a result.

The report comes as medical sources tell Al Jazeera that they have found another body from the rubble of a destroyed house in Gaza City. This brings the death toll since Wednesday to 66.

Update – Israel – 9:37 P.M. The death toll in the IDF attack on a house in the northern Gaza Strip rises to 12, including four children and five women, all of the same family.

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