NSC Needs your Support to Pass this Message to Public

Dear brothers/Sisters

Assalamu Alaikum!

National Shoora Council has released a public notice on Voters Registration 2014.

We kindly request your support to take this message to every​one by sharing this document to Masjids trustees,  regional/local village level organizations and other media such as your facebook, twitter, news websites etc.

You can use the message​s​
we have posted in our facebook/twitter pages. 

Also we would appreciate if you could volunteer to print this document and pass​ this to the trustees of your area masjids and other organizations.

May Allah accept your Niyyah and deed​s.

Jazakallahu Khiaran.



National Shoora Council

Download the notice ​prepared for Masjid and organizations here.

National Shoora Council-Masjid letter

National Shoora Council-Organization letter

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