As a Muslim, I believe that Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him – Pbuh) is also a Prophet of Islam. As was Adam, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Jacob etc. Islam is the only non-Christian religion that makes it an article faith for its followers to believe in Jesus Christ as a Prophet. The Holy Quran absolves him from all the rubbish that is attributed to him by certain anti Christians. The coming of Jesus Christ back to earth preceding the end of the world is one of the teachings of Islam. The Quran in its 30 chapters devotes a full chapter to the mother of Jesus, Mary (Mariam). There is not a word mentioned about the Holy Prophet Muhammad`s mother, or wife, which manifests the importance placed in Islam on the Holy Virgin Mary (Mariam). It is also mentioned in Islam that Christians are our friends and there are good and learned people amongst them. I was born when Ceylon was still a British Colony. I studied in a Christian School. Many of my friends were Anglicans and Catholics. Education wise, the Christians schools in our country moulded children who became great sons and daughters of our country in the fields of law, medicine, politics and other professions. The Christian friends I made in my school days are still my close buddies, all good and fun loving people who have done well for themselves in their chosen fields.


One has to be born a Jew to be a Jew. The Jews have given a racial dimension to their faith. One cannot become a Jew by conviction or conversion.


In the Jewish holy book, the TALMUD, Jesus Christ (Pbuh) is vilified and wrongly depicted as the illegitimate son of a Roman soldier, Ben Pandera. God forbid that people should accept this calumny. Josh McDowell a popular evangelist who preaches to university students in one of his lectures mentions this. Had any Islamic literature even suggested such a diabolical lie, World War III would have erupted.


The founder of Israel, Ezer Weizman, urged Lloyd George to encash his credit on the job he did as a scientist with knowledge of weaponry that helped the British to win the 1st World War. The original plan was to send the Jews to Uganda. They scrapped the plan later on and a more devious plot was hatched, which gave birth to the Balfour Declaration which created the State of Israel. Then came the 22nd Jewish Congress in Switzerland where it was decided to mobilize all businesses, both legitimate and illegitimate – any money spinning and propaganda means like banking, media, real estate etc and channel these into funding of political parties in the West and the USA.


It is stated in page 416 of the book “Pillars of Fire” by Yigal Lossin that President Truman was warned by the American Parliament not to assist in the formation of the State of Israel, which warning he did not heed.


Is it true that Benjamin Franklin, one of the four architects of the American Constitution, in 1789 urged at the Convention, to disallow Jews to be included in the Constitution of the USA? Is it also true that Benjamin Franklin said “if it is done in less than 100 years they will stream into our own country in such numbers that they will change our form of government? Is it correct that he also stated “if they are not excluded within 200 years, our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews. I warn you gentlemen if you do not exclude the Jews forever your children’s children will curse you”. Is it correct that he further said “there is a great danger for the United States of America, that great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen, in whichever land the Jews have settled they have depressed the moral levels and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have created a State within the State. When they are opposed, they attempted to strangle the nation financially as in the case of Portugal and Spain”. Is it correct that the original document is in the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.


It may be recalled that in the Bible it is stated that before Jesus (Pbuh) went to the Garden of Gethsemane he told his disciples to arm themselves with swords. For what? It was to defend themselves against the Jews. But, the Jews being ingenious people brought with them the Roman soldiers who massacred the followers of Jesus (Pbuh). He then advised them to put down their swords, for those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Jesus (Pbuh) told the Jewish people that it is they who killed the Prophets from the righteous Able to Jeremiah. Finally Jesus (Pbuh) himself was betrayed by the Jew Judas Iscariat, who betrayed him to the Roman Emperor.


The media, especially in the USA, is run by the Jews together with their hold on the banking and financial sectors. They are a minority but are able to govern the USA by their power and influence.


In the early 1990`s, Robert Maxwell – the Head of Maxwell Publishing House, which controlled the biggest newspapers in Britain, was found missing from his ship. His body was found floating in the ocean a day later and brought to England where he lived. Within 24 hours, it was airlifted to Israel and buried in Jerusalem with State honours, much to the surprise of the British public. Why? Up until then the British did not realize that he was a Jew and an influence peddler for the State of Israel and Zionism. Imagine the propaganda that he would have churned out for 50 years through his print and electronic media?


By the patronage and benevolence of the US and Britain since 1948, the Zionists have occupied Palestine and have thrown out millions of Palestinians from the homes they occupied for thousands of years and oppressed and suppressed them by sheer military power. Today, the UN has declared Israel as an occupying power, but do they care? No Sir! Why should they, when the West led by the US  are condoning and protecting them via veto powers in the UN and financial assistance of approximately 6 billion dollars every year at the cost of the US tax payer.


In Britain, they have a benign Prime Minister in David Cameron who has a Jewish lineage on his mother`s side. So, he gets his Home Secretary to ban Dr Zakir Naik`s visit to UK and withdraws the Multiple Entry Visa already issued to him.


Here in our own country it is interesting to observe the antics of the Zionists. From the mid 1980`s they got cracking in establishing their influence. They saw great opportunities in the post 1983 era to infiltrate, destabilize and finally militarily influence successive Sri Lankan Governments. IF ANY READER OF THIS ARTICLE CARES TO GET HOLD OF TWO BOOKS WRITTEN BY VIKTOR OSTROSKY (a former high ranking Mossad Agent now hiding in Canada) titled “BY WAY OF DECEPTION” and “THE OTHER SIDE OF DECEPTION”, it sets out the long term plans of the Zionists to undermine Sri Lanka. Some of the highlights on Sri Lanka included in the book are the following:-


a)      A Sri Lankan delegation which included military personnel were to visit Israel. Viktor Ostrosky states that when he approached his boss at the South Asia desk at the Mossad HQ and asked him what kind of welcome they should accord the delegation, he was told “ah Sri Lankans, they are like monkeys just off the trees. Feed them with peanuts”.


b)      It is now an established fact that whilst the Israeli military trained the Sri Lankan forces in combatting terrorism, the Mossad were training the LTTE cadres and equipping them with arms according to Ostrosky`s book.


c)      In his second book – “THE OTHER SIDE OF DECEPTION”, he states how his colleague was sent to Colombo to further destabilize Sri Lanka. His mandate was to bomb an Air Lanka plane at the Katunayake airport and create mayhem and chaos. Ostrosky says the Mossad being Mossad, the plan was executed to perfection. They bombed a plane bound for Maldives whilst on the tarmac. Many died on that Saturday morning. Many more were injured. Of course the blame was placed naturally on the LTTE, which is just what the Mossad wanted. But the Mossad agent had a surprise waiting. After the mission was completed, according to Ostrosky, the Mossad sent a second agent to kill his colleague and so he states when the housekeeping lady went to clean up the room at a Colombo city hotel called the Lanka Oberoi, she found the dead body of an American (the Mossad regularly provides their agents with British, US and Canadian passports). So, one might ask, what was the objective of the Zionists? Not difficult to guess. The more mayhem, chaos and sabotage created, the more the war gets protracted and the more it is protracted, the more military equipment that will be sold to the Government by the Mossad.


President Premadasa when shown these two books, immediately closed up the Israeli interests section located at the Liberty Plaza, Colombo.


With the passage of time it was proved that Mossad`s long term goals were realized. In the latter half of the war, we were dependant on Kfir jets to give air cover to our soldiers, Davos naval crafts to help the Navy and anti-landmine boots that were supplied by Mossad to our Army. The talk at that time was that even Bell Helicopters were supplied by a dummy Israeli company in Manila.


Look around you. All the problems in the Middle East are directly or indirectly due to the Zionist State of Israel. The frustration of the Arab people that led to the Arab spring uprising is due to the unpopular regimes funded by US/Israel support, be it Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. The last three countries are heavily dependent on US military support.


But this can`t go on forever. Resentment against Israel in Western cities and in the US is already simmering. It is now only a matter of time for the explosion.

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