Al-Mashoora 03 – Haunting Narcotic Menace


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu

The National Shoorah Council (NSC) deliberates in this issue about the haunting narcotics menace that is gripping the community and the country. Alcohol, liquor, smoking and other matters that harm individual and social health are generally prohibited in Islam.

Some of these prohibitions are observed and practiced by some of our co-religionists too in our country.  These prohibitions are not new to the community and are universally accepted principles the world over. The wisdom why Islam prohibited these is not only to protect the individual from self-harm but also to protect the family and the community from casting them to ruins. Islam considers consumption of harmful substances knowingly as equivalent to suicide. Suicide which is gradual or instant is prohibited in Islam. Therefore desisting from such harmful consumption is a duty of a believer.

Consuming harmful substance has cascading effect upon the individual, family and society. Ruining individual health, failing families and broken societies are collateral damages caused by these negative practices. A harm done to an individual is almost equal to harming humanity similarly protecting an individual from such harm is equal to almost protecting the humanity.

The Qur’an declares the believers as the best of people (KhairaUmmah) ‘ You are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah’(Quran 3:110).We are aware that KhairaUmmah is qualified by the conditions of enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah Swt. We cannot escape the responsibility of bidding what is right and forbidding what is wrong and yet claims KhairaUmmah. Therefore as responsible Muslim citizens in the country we have a duty to stand firm and work diligently against this menace of narcotics and substance use.

Consumption of liquor and smoking are harmful and prohibited but the use, sale and distribution of narcotics are more harmful to the individuals, families, communities and the country as a whole. In the modern world narcotics are used as tools of destabilization of societies and countries. Knowing very well that these are imported and smuggled goods manufactured elsewhere in the world, these are destined to societies and countries to destabilize them. Therefore, the after effects of narcotic consumption cannot be equated to alcohol since they are more injurious to individual, family and social health and denude the country of productive work force.

Also there are instances where narcotics are used in some countries to destabilize targeted communities to weaken them socio-economically and morally so that their productive capacities are impaired. Therefore, taking actions to eliminate narcotics in our country is a collective responsibility of all communities. Here Muslims being a dually responsible community to Allah Swt and the country must set right examples of ridding the country of narcotics menace.

  • Muslims should not tolerate these sins and injurious practices.
  • It becomes the bounden duty of every individual Muslims to cooperate with other citizens to fight this menace.
  • Muslim organizations must work with youth in educating them
  • Identifying narco businesses in the area and report to responsible authorities.
  • Masjids must play an active role in educating the public and building rapport with the police and other authorities to keep the mahallah free of narco businesses, sales and consumptions.
  • Muslims must be vigilant that if any Muslim is found to be is narco business to use the safe channels of communication to alert the responsible authorities.
  • Da’wa organizations must play a proactive role in fighting this menace.
  • Muslims’ activities should not be solely confined to rehabilitating drug addicts but it should extend beyond to identify drug distribution and drug barons in the regions and notify authorities.

Fighting this menace is a farl kifaya on the Muslim society and any neglect on this collective duty is a great sin. The future of the Ummah and the country lies in how effectively we make coordinated efforts together with other citizens to get rid of this menace, Insha Allah. May Allah Swt help us to make this a narcotics free country. 

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