Expert predicts bright future for Sri Lanka

Human resources development expert and a well known Saudi investor Saad Abdul Ghani Al Shamrani expressed confidence that Sri Lanka will be an economic power very soon.

In an interview given to SLBC and Rupavahini, he said he was pleased that he had an opportunity to meet the president and the prime minister of Sri Lanka, through the Governor Western Province. He said he never felt so comfortable in a country immediately on arrival like he felt here. He seemed to carry various investment plans for the island, a blue print of which he showed the Western Province Governor at a meeting he held at the former’s office.

He emphasized on the shortcoming of the lack of any literature with pictures of this beautiful island in Arabic. He stressed that rectifying this will bring in more and more Arab tourists together with investments from the Middle East region. Al Shamrani is of the opinion that Sri Lankan hospitality is hard to beat this made him fall in love with this country at first sight. Al Shamrani is presently contemplating extending his stay, to finalize business negotiations he has started with some reputed establishments, in the capital, Colombo. The country can expect frequent visits of this ‘Lanka lover’ and many of his colleagues for its mutual benefit.

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