People of Cold Lake act with warm heart

While Canadians seek to understand Parliament shooting whether the gunman is a jihadist or a drug addict, there is evidence emerging how he was evicted from a mosque where Zehaf-Bieau tried to make it his temporary residence.gold_compre

The Imam of the mosque learnt that he was a drug addict and his involvement in nefarious activities.
The motive for the Ottawa shooting is still not clear.

However, in some part of Canada people have reacted to the tragedy but majority of the Canadians has vehemently opposed such vandalism.

Cold Lake is a city in northeastern Alberta, in Canada. A mosque in this city was vandalized and the words ‘go home’ were spray-painted on the outside wall.

It is really touching to learn that the community came together to clean it and offer support.
The mosque’s windows were also smashed. All of Cold Lake people rallied around the mosque and the Muslim community there.

So many people met the mosque’s board and apologized by saying this by no means represents Cold Lake.
It was reported that there were actually several people in tears. Smashed windows were duly replaced graffiti was removed from the wall and repainted.gold lanka_compre

The Imam of mosque was moved and he had this to say:

’I forgot the windows, I forgot about the writing and it made me feel like I am one of the Cold Lake people’.
Some of the residents helping out even started to sing the Canadian National Anthem!

We sincerely hail the people of Cold Lake.

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