Gaza / Palestinian territory

Palestinian Colonisation: A historical perspective

By Prof. Rasheen Bappu The Allon Colonisation Plan: After decades of perfecting colonial control mechanisms for Palestinians inside the green line, Israel was more than equipped to impose an effective military governing system on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In 1966, Israel ended its martial law regulations for Palestinian villages inside the Green Line only to …

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If Gaza is gone, there will be no Palestine by Mohammed Mourtaja

A Palestinian woman reacts upon seeing the corpses of relatives killed in Israeli bombardment in Al-Zahra in the central Gaza Strip, on 21 March 2024 (AFP)   From Jerusalem to Ramallah, to Haifa and beyond, all Palestinians must come together to stop Israel’s war on Gaza Israel’s continuing war on Gaza has devastated the territory, exceeding even the 1948 Nakba in terms of the …

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Gaza’s hidden heritage: Five historic sites in the besieged Palestinian territory

The besieged territory is home to a number of historic houses of worship (MEE/Ahmad al Danaf) The city of Gaza has a heritage that stretches back thousands of years and was fought over by powers including Egypt and PersiaToday, the word “Gaza” conjures up images of human suffering as the Palestinian territory has been under an Israeli and Egyptian siege for the past 16 …

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