Constructing Wells as ‘ Sadaqathul Jariya’, By Mulaffer Khalid

Water is a primary requirement to sustain life anywhere. To this end Sailan Muslim Foundation commenced a program to provide wells in the most needed Terrorist Devastated Muslim Villages in the Eastern Province. We successfully completed eight wells in the Kinniya in the Trincomalee district and one well in the Puttalam district. All nine wells are dual purpose wells providing both drinking water for domestic purpose and also supporting small scale agriculture. This Sadaqathul Jariya or Sustaining Charity is a great blessing to the donor as it continuously provides for the benefit a family or community.

The above program was started and completed in 2009 with the help of nine donors who contributed 50,000/- . each for a 35 ft. deep well, which are manually dug out. Subsequently three officials went to Kinniya early this year to inspect the work on the completed wells. They were very impressed by the completion of work which has definitely given a stimulus to the livelihood of the much traumatized families who were harassed, tortured and murdered by the terrorists for over twenty years.

Kinniya being a village with a population of 99.9 Muslims with about 75 Jummah Mosques is still struggling to pick up the pieces and start life once again. Hence this year too in this Holy and Cahritable Month of Ramdhan, Seylan Muslim Foundation is continuing the sinking of wells. The donation for the 2010 program has already come in and work has commenced. The donors of the completed wells were Dr. Haris, M.S.M.Nizar, Dr. R.Bagha, Rizvi Azeez, Amir Ali, AGA Barrie, Irshad Hassan, Nizar Mohideen and M/S Jiffiriya Barrie.

This being the season for digging wells, it is advised that Muslims make use of this opportunity in the Holy and Charitable month of Ramdhan to help this very deserving cause, by providing precious water to these village folk who suffered much at the hands of the LTTE rule ,and lost all their possessions.

Mulaffer Khalid

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