Hijab at the College of Education, By Seyed ziad

We Muslims are very smart at creating problems and running from pillar to post to find solutions.Now take the case of ijab.Why on earth are we making the wearing of modest dress a uniform like think in the Universities and other institutes of Higher studies? Among all the students in the Universties, only the Muslim girls are compelled to wear a uniform like dress(Abayas, and that too black ones), by their seniors during the freshers ragging  days.And the poor girls think that this is Quranic injunction to wear as they are told by bigotted siniors, aligned to this or that Dawah organisation, who make these exercises to recruit new members to their highly profitable enteprises  from among the gulible undergraduates.

Is it not better that the choice of Hijab and colour of their  dresses be given to students themselves? What does it matter if the students wear an array of colours of their choice to the Universities?

First and fore most we must realise that this showing of pseudo-discipline among the students that prompts the other communities become jealous and envious of the Muslim students.

If we go about in a business as usual fashion, no one is going to make note of this and create a fuss about Hijab or beard for that matter, in the Universities. So it is better that we look inward as well  and try to find a comprehensive solution to
this ill adviced dress code imposed on the poor(Literally and metaphorically) souls, by the self righteous Da’ees.Please don’t try to blame the other(Racist Buddhists and Hindus) when the mistake is ours

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