WikiLeaks switches to Swiss domain amid cyberattack

In a game of cyber cat and mouse, WikiLeaks has resurfaced with a Swiss domain address after being dropped by its U.S. hosting service last night amid a massive computer attack.

The site's previous domain name,, has been superseded by Two companies now host the Swiss domain name, one in France, where the government is seeking to ban the site from French servers following publication of 251,000 U.S. diplomatic cables.

The U.K-based tech site The Inquirer reports, however, that EveryDNS, the U.S. firm that had been hosting, has pulled "the old switcheroo" and is still hosting the site, even though it's not reachable.

Dutch- and German-based sites, and, are also providing access to WikiLeaks' leaked documents, Reuters says.

At the same time, Swedish authorities have refiled an international warrant with London police for the arrest of the site's founder Julian Assange, The Press Association reports. He's wanted in Sweden on allegations of rape and sexual assault.

The BBC has more.

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