Bin Laden’s Body Taken To US: Statfor By The Journal

INTERNAL EMAILS in a major global intelligence firm, published by WikiLeaks, suggest that Osama bin Laden’s body may have been brought to America after he was killed by US Navy Seals.

The emails, from the intelligence firm Stratfor which offered services to major international corporations, are being published by the whistleblowing site having been obtained in an attack on Stratfor’s servers by the Anonymous movement.

In one email, sent by Stratfor’s vice-president for intelligence Fred Burton – and timestamped just hours after Barack Obama announced details of the Pakistani raid that killed bin Laden – Burton declares:

Reportedly, we took the body with us. Thank goodness.

Another, 25 minutes later – with the subject ‘Body bound for Dover, DE on CIA plane’ adds: “Than [sic] onward to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Bethesda”.

‘Dover, DE’ refers to Dover in Delaware, the site of a major air force base around 175km from Washington.

In another email sent an hour later, Burton – who is considered a leading expert on terrorism and security, and who previously served as the second-in-command at the Department of State’s counterterrorism division – adds:

If body dumped at sea, which I doubt, the touch is very Adolph Eichman [sic] like. The Tribe did the same thing with the Nazi’s ashes.


We would want to photograph, DNA, fingerprint, etc.

His body is a crime scene and I don’t see the FBI nor DOJ letting that happen.

Adolf Eichmann was a leading organiser of the Holocaust who later fled to Argentina on a fake passport until he was captured by Mossad and brought to trial in Israel. He was executed and cremated and his ashes spread at sea, so that there could be no memorial to him.

In response to that email, the company’s CEO George Friedman – a child of Holocaust survivors – wrote:

Eichmann was seen alive for many months on trial before being sentenced to death and executed. No one wanted a monument to him so they cremated him. But i dont know anyone who claimed he wasnt eicjhman.

No comparison with suddenly burying him at sea without any chance to view him which i doubt happened.

Some seven hours later, Burton responded again:

Body is Dover bound, should be here by now

While it is not clear whether Burton is relying on any internal military source, or merely making an educated guess – and while it should be noted that the email exchanges begin with the word ‘reportedly’ – the emails, if true, would undermine the US claim that bin Laden’s body was buried at sea within hours of his death.

Previous emails from the Stratfor cache, which WikiLeaks says is made up of some five million emails, suggest that the Pakistani intelligence forceswere aware of bin Laden’s presence in the country – a charge  Pakistan has consistently denied.

The compound in which bin Laden lived and was killed, just outside Abbottabad, was torn down earlier this week.

Wikileaks links: – [alpha] OBL – [alpha] Body bound for Dover, DE on CIA plane – Re: OBL's corpse]

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