Muslims killing Muslims

This refers to the report “Governor among 20 killed in Afghan blast” (Oct. 9).

When a crazy pastor tried to burn the Qur’an, we protested rightly to express our anger. However, we don’t realize that every time a mosque is attacked by a suicide bomber, it not only kills the worshippers, but also brings destruction to the mosque, and, in the process, even to copies of the Qur’an that are either burnt or destroyed.

It is sad to note that there are no protests against such disrespect shown to God’s Word. Now Muslims are killing Muslims. Youth are being misguided by claims that such actions will lead them to Paradise. They do not know that they will all end up in the Hellfire. It is time to rise against atrocities committed by Muslims against Muslims.

S.H.Moulana, Riyadh 

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