Offer of 10-acre land for burial By Naalir Jamaldeen

The Director of the Al-Kimma organisation, M.S.M. Haroon said that they are ready to offer 10 acres of land in Majma Nagar in Oddamawadi along with the human resources and required vehicles to conduct the final rites of Muslims who die from or are suspected to have died due to COVID-19.

Haroon added that groundwater is 30 feet below ground level in the particular area.

He said that there is no human settlement in the close proximity of the proposed land and that it is located very close to the Colombo-Batticaloa Road. He added that the residents in the nearby areas have no objection to this.

He requested Muslim Parliamentarians and other social service activists to bring the particular proposal to the attention of the Prime Minister and other health sector officials.

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