Payment time, By S. H. MOULANA, RIYADH

While a large number of people expressed that the US President Barack Obama did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, I am among one of those very few people who defended it saying that this was done on a hire-purchase system — “buy now and pay later.”

But I am terribly disappointed since the president of the sole superpower has defaulted to pay even a single installment. He was given a golden opportunity to fully justify his prize if he acted firmly against Israel following deadly raid on Gaza aid mission. Though a young US citizen was among the dead with four bullets to his head, his Vice President Joe Biden, who was insulted by Israeli prime minister during his visit to Jerusalem, justified Israeli action.

This is like adding insult to injury for all those who gave their lives for the millions of Gazans who are suffering in the face of Israeli blockade. One can only laugh if he compares what Obama said in his address to the Muslim nation in Cairo and what he practices now. It is strange to note such a small country like Israel is dictating to a superpower without whose unlimited aid it will collapse like ninepins.

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  1. Even if Hussain Obama wants sincerely to balance the book vis-a-vis the Muslim World, he can't; because if he does, the US DEMOCRATC SYSTEM will get him out.

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