Popular Uprisings Raging Middle East and North Africa. Indictment on the West and its Media, By Latheef Farook

The unprecedented, peaceful and historic popular uprisings raging in the Middle East and North Africa remain clear indictment on the United States led Europe and their media   known for spreading lies. It was with the support and blessings of the west and its media that tyranny which caused untold to misery to millions in the region flourished for decades.


These governments, especially United States, Britain and France who are shouting from rooftop   about democracy, freedom, human rights and other such cherished human values, helped these tyrants deprive their people their very basic human rights.  These three countries   trained and armed these tyrants’ dreaded armies and help them commit atrocities on their people. It is common knowledge that America’s FBI trained torturers in Egypt and other countries in the region.


These tyrants obediently arrested Islamic scholars, detained them without inquiry for years, tortured and even killed them to please their masters in Washington, London and Paris. In doing so they helped the Jewish sponsored Western agenda against Islam and Muslims under the guise of so called “war on terror”.


These western governments were very well aware how these tyrants plundered their countries’ wealth while the people suffered in abject poverty. These tyrants did not hide their robbed wealth in the Arabian Desert or African jungle. Instead they invested in the US, UK, France and in Switzerland which remains the accepted safe haven for all tyrants turned robbers. The west allowed them to do so knowing very well that this ill gotten wealth belongs to   people.


Despite their crime records, human rights violation and plundering their  nations the west rolled red carpets to receive these tyrants with all honor usually meant for decent and dignified leaders.  This speaks volume for the double standards and hypocrisy of   political leaders   in the west. Who cares?


The question is why these Western political leaders indulge in such naked hypocrisy. The reason being that these tyrants remain obedient to their Western masters. and shamelessly collaborate with them  to implement their evil designs even on their own people. For example their participation in the US led war to evict Iraqi troops from Kuwait. All the dictators who collaborated were heavily bribed, perhaps blood money, ended up mainly in Western banks.


Later they  even provided  military facilities  for US and its  partners  to invade Iraq during which they killed almost  1.4 million  people, arrested and tortured   hundreds of thousands of innocent  civilians, raped and tortured Iraqi women , eliminated professionals and intellectuals, destroyed  the infrastructure and basic facilities and virtually turned  Iraq, once an almost  developed country where people enjoyed a very high standard of living, into a waste land.


Most of the American and NATO military aircrafts which bombed and killed the Iraqis and destroyed Iraq took off from the oil rich Gulf countries- the very countries morally obliged to protect the Iraqis.  Helpless people all over the region watched these   shameful crimes of shameless tyrants with   bleeding hearts. They were deeply frustrated as they could not do anything, not even speak out or come out on to the streets on peaceful demonstration to vent their anger for fear of being arrested and tortured by ruthless tyrants.


Equally shameful has been the role of the   media in the West, predominantly owned by Jews and,  as  integral part of the Western war machines, obediently serving the Zionist agenda implemented by the Western democracies. Some wealthy Arab countries heavily bribed the Western media to turn a blind to their crimes, injustice, human rights violations and people’s sufferings. Thus their indifference!


It was under these oppressive circumstances peoples uprising broke out in Tunisia which is now sweeping the Middle East and North Africa changing the political scene in the region in lightening speed with global implications. They assert their rights with dignity in some of the most peaceful demonstrations ever known human history when political changes always accompanied violence. Instead of attacking tyrants and their mercenaries demonstrators prayed in the streets invoking god’s bleedings.


There was no hatred towards any one including US, France, Britain and Israel responsible for their sufferings. There were no anti American, anti British or anti France slogans. There wasn’t even a slogan against Israel- the cause of all unrest, violence, bloodshed and killings in the region since early 1930s. They only wanted to kick out their tyrants,     throw them into dustbin of history and   restore their rights and dignity.


One young Egyptian demonstrator said” I am a proud   inheritor to a 7000 year old civilization. I do not want America, with less than 500 year old history, and that too nothing but history of wars, and Israel with not even 70 year of history in the land stolen from Palestinians, to decide my destiny.


It is no easy task. Tyrants started falling. However tyranny remains as the US and Mossad trained and equipped armed forces remain in place. Now that the people’s power has come to stay the US and its European allies have overnight switched to endorsing the uprisings across the region demanding democracy to replace its   clients   of tyrants. But some Middle East democracies find more favor than others, as Palestinians found out six years ago.


Summing up the situation columnist Habib Siddiqui stated that “Would America come to the aid of these suffering and persecuted majority who are calling for regime change? No….It is actually better that way. Let the people rely on their innate moral strength for simply being on the right side of history and trust in God to better their conditions."Ends

Ceylon Daily News-  Tuesday 8 March 2011

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  1. It is a well written article. Although, as Muslims, we need to follow the Quran and the Sunnah. From the Quran and the Sunnah, it is very clear that the only instance a Muslim ruler can be deposed of is when there is clear evidence of kufr.

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