Syrian Muslims sufferings in appalling conditions

angelina-jolly2By Latheef Farook

Shameful indictment on Saudi and Gulf sheikhs floating in wealth and spent more than $ 100 billion on purchasing weapons.

The ancient country of Syria is now reduced to ashes. According to reports more than eleven million Syrians are displaced and around five million are suffering in appalling condition in refugee camps in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. 

What is their crime?

Encouraged by the Arab Uprising which swept Muslim countries in North Africa oppressed and brutalized Syrians also came out on peaceful protests demanding minimum freedom.

Basher Al Asad responded by   merciless crackdown   to crush the popular uprising. The people continued their demand for freedom turning the country into a killing field.

Bashar Al Asad, Syrian butcher turned wild beast, bombed Syria to Stone Age and slaughtered and displaced millions of Syrians International forces all out to keep Muslim countries under their control got directly involved. Iran, Russia and China supported Basher Al Asad.

The world expected United States, UK, and France to punish Bashar Al Asad and introduce freedom to people. Instead US.UK, France and Israel allowed Basher to continue his scorch earth policy as it suited their ongoing anti Muslim crusade under the guise of fighting war on terrorism.

The ultimate beneficiary is Israel.

syria-refuge3As pointed out by charity organization Mercy Corps bombings are destroying crowded cities and horrific human rights violations aresyria-refuge3widespread. Basic necessities like food and medical care are sparse.

The U.N. estimates that 7.6 million people are internally displaced. When you also consider refugees, more than half of the country’s pre-war population of 23 million is in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, whether they still remain in the country or have escaped across the borders.

Thousands of Syrians flee their country every day. They often decide to finally escape after seeing their neighborhoods bombed or family members killed. The risks on the journey to the border can be as high as staying: Families walk for miles through the night to avoid being shot at by snipers or being caught by soldiers who will kidnap young men to fight for the regime.

Refugees find shelter wherever they can. They live in rooms with no heat or running water, in abandoned chicken coops and storage sheds.  

The lack of clean water and sanitation in crowded, makeshift settlements is an urgent concern. Diseases like cholera and polio can easily spread — even more life-threatening without enough medical services. In some areas with the largest refugee populations, water shortages have reached emergency levels; the supply is as low as 30 liters per person per day — one-tenth of what the average American uses. 


According to the U.N., more than half of all Syrian refugees are under the age of 18. Most have been out of school for months, if not years. The youngest are confused and scared by their experiences, lacking the sense of safety and home they need. The older children are forced to grow up too fast, finding work and taking care of their family in desperate circumstances.

Christian charity organizations are in the forefront to help refugees and displaced Syrians. Among them were Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.


Now the question is where the Arabs are especially the wealthy Gulf oil sheikhs who bought more than 100 billion dollar worth weapons.
This is absolute disgrace? Isn’t it?

Unfortunately for the oppressed and brutalized people in the Middle East their dictators, have become willing collaborators with US, Israeli and European masters in their anti Muslim crusade under the guise of war on terrorism

This is the plight of Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere!   

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