This has reference to the news which appeared in your edition of 10th March 2010 under the caption “Over 550 ex-Tigers start new life” .

It is indeed a plausible gesture by the USAID-funded IOM(International Organization for Migration) to reintegrate the former LTTE cadres and members of the TMVP.

I agree with  all those who are associated with this great mission, like: Mohamed Abdiker,  IOM Sri Lanka Chief of Mission, Rebecca Cohn USAID Sri Lanka Director, Brigadier Sudantha Ranasinghe Commissioner General for Rehabilitation that the combats should be reintegrated but what about those who were made homeless and refugees two decades ago by these combats?
Are we correct in forgetting the Muslim IDPs, who were made refugees overnight by the terrorists LTTE and now all international NGOs are taking the initiative in settling the combats and not the oppressed.

Where is so called Human Rights? Where is  the feeling for human beings?
I earnestly plead the USAID and its affiliated bodies to visit the forgotten refugee camps spread all over the island of Sri lanka specially in Puttalam and Colombo Crow Island, where you can get the first hand information and experience the inhuman way of living.

AGA Barrie P.Eng

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  1. Thank you Ratnam. We really appreciate your concern. I have been traveling a lot, specially Trinco area where the affected people are trying their best to settle back in life. I am really impressed the way they are facing life. Contended, happy and above all living in harmony. We provided about 9 wells to the villagers returning to Kinniya and they were so happy. Hope to return to Toronto by early May. Do you need anything to be followed up here?
    AGA Barrie

  2. The time is right, now to resettle all those Muslims who were made refugees for such a long time. As we know the politicians must take action and give priority to this issue.
    Further the Civil society has to wake up. I am not aware of any action taken by the Civil Society except for some writings in the newspapers. People like Ms. Jansila Majeed will be able to bring awareness in the International community.
    The issue will get momentum only if actions are taken from all fronts.

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