Canadian Muslim chosen best mayor in world for 2014


Ottawa (IINA) – Naheed Nenshi, mayor of Calgary in Canada, was voted the best mayor of the world in 2014 by the international firm City Mayor Foundation. Nenshi, a Canadian Muslim, is well known for his integrity, honesty and generosity. The prize was awarded on February 2 after he was picked from among a list of 933 mayors, surveyed by the public.

Nenshi is the first Muslim to become mayor of a Canadian city of over a million inhabitants. Born to Tanzania immigrant parents of Indian origin, he was elected as mayor in October 2010.

The Foundation's officials described him as a most popular man by all Canadians, who spends all his time at work and does not hesitate to perform any task. An IT savyy, Nenshi is addicted using social networking sites.

"Mayor Nenshi is a great communicator and is endowed with listening donations, he is sincere when he discusses everyday problems with citizens and captivates the audience when he speaks of the future of Calgary ", Tann vom Hove, Senior Fellow of the City Mayors Foundation, said in a statement.

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  1. Yes, it is good PR for muslims about Nenshi being chosen as the best Mayor but before we go overboard and celebrate this let us ponder and analyse this issue a little.

    Nenshi is in all probability not a sunni muslim and comes from the Ismaili sect of shiaism that is extremely secular to the extent that they compromise all or most of the principles of Islam. Even the mainstream shias reject their practices and beliefs. But then if we for a moment for the purpose of critical analysis ignore this fact and assume that it is not a conspiracy by the west to promote deviant Islam that is friendly to their culture, what makes Nenshi stand out? Why cant other mainstream muslims achieve this accolade?

    Nenshi probably uses all the tools of mordern management and leadership that is relevant to a multi-cultural society and practices principles of responsibility,committment, accessibility and accountability that resonates with everything that is accepted today in the modern world. He does not refer to archaic models or systems that worked in history but uses best practices and models of excellence as established by modern standards.

    Now the burning question is, is it not possible for mainstream muslims to do the same and still be within the bounds of their faith? Of course they can and the biggest problem facing muslims is that they fail to adapt and renew and revive their faith and are bogged down in searching for “sharia” solutions which leads to endless cycles of fatwas and prohibitions etc. that bogs down the entire system.

    The methodology that works best in the context of the situation which does not compromise with the basic principles of belief should be applied and not the other way around where we seek solutions in a set of rules established thousands of years ago that worked well in that era. We should not try to “religiocise” everything and seek Islamic solutions or christian solutions etc. but seek the best solution that works in order to bring about peace,prosperity,truth and justice.

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