Dutch Court Issues License to promote Islamophobia By Latheef Farook

After all it was Dutch UN soldiers handed over Srebrenica Muslims to Serbian brute Ratco Mladic for slaughter.



Dutch Court acquitted on Thursday 23 June 2011, the fanatic anti Islam campaigner Geert Wilders on all five charges of inciting hatred   against Muslims.

Judge Marcel van Oosten said that Wilders’ statements were “rude and condescending” but not a criminal offence according to Dutch law. The verdict, license to incite people, has shocked the civilized world.

‘The abusive language about Islam and the artificial distinction between Islam and Muslims have one effect: contributing to hatred of Muslims,’ said lawyer Gerard Spong. The judge’s ruling that such statements fall within the context of a broad debate is vague, Spong said, and raised the question ‘what is the context?’

Alexander Pechtold, leader of the D66 Liberal party, said the ruling could not be seen as a license to incite hatred, even for politicians.Their lawyer, Ties Prakken, was quoted by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf as saying they were “deeply disappointed” and believed the right of minorities to be protected against hate speech had been violated.

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, leader of the far right Freedom Party, has been inciting people against Muslims with his speeches. Wilders, a strong admirer of Israel, described Islam as a “fascist ideology and called for  ban on the Holy Koran, which he compared to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf .

In 2008 Wilders   produced a 17 minute video ” Fitna”, which criticized the Holy  Koran , blamed Muslims for the 9/11 attack , accused Muslims of terrorism  and demonized them.  No TV company in the Netherlands wanted to broadcastthe film and some Dutch politicians tried to impose a ban before Wilders posted it on the internet in March 2008. Wilders’ Freedom Party also calls for banning burka, Halal slaughter and criticized Muslims’ stance on sexual freedoms, such as gay rights.

Muslims worldwide ought to be proud of themselves that, as peace loving people, they do not indulge in such destructive and disgraceful hate campaigns insulting a religion as Islam is completely oppose to it.

Abu Muaz, from Islam For UK rightly said: “If I were to say some of the things Wilders has said, I would be arrested under the Terrorism Act.  ”But, because

With the acquittal, it appears the radical views of Wilders are now more mainstream in a country that for decades was viewed as one of the most liberal and tolerant in the world.

One politician said “Now the good news is that it’s also legal to be critical about Islam, to speak publicly in a critical way about Islam and this is something that we need because the Islamisation of our societies is a major problem and a threat to our freedom and I’m allowed to say so.”  In view of the poison he was spreading Wilders was prevented from entering many European countries including Britain.

In his recent hate speech  in NASHVILLE, Tennessee on 14 May 2011 Wilders said;

I travel the world to tell people of the dangerous force of Islam. I am here with a warning and a battle cry: “Wake up, Christians of Tennessee. Islam is at your gate.” Do not make the mistake which Europe made. Do not allow Islam to gain a foothold here. Islam is dangerous. Islam wants to establish a state on earth, ruled by Islamic sharia law.Islam aims for the submission, whether by persuasion, intimidation or violence, of all non-Muslims, including Christians.


Islam is an ideology of conquest. It uses two methods to achieve this goal by sword and mass immigration.  Islam’s founder Muhammad himself taught his followers how to conquer through immigration when they moved from Mecca to Medina. This phenomenon of conquest through immigration is called al-Hijra.  Islam is spreading like wildfire. The Koran explicitly tells Muslims that they are “the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind” and that non-Muslims are “the worst of creatures.” Our Judeo-Christian Western culture is far better and far superior to the Islamic culture. We must be proud to say so!  Let us tell the truth about Islam.

In some neighborhoods Islamic regulations are already being enforced, also on non-Muslims. Women’s rights are being trampled. We are confronted with headscarves and burqa’s, polygamy, female genital mutilation, honor-killings where men murder their wives, daughters or sisters because they do not behave in accordance with Islamic rules.

Polls show that the influence of those Muslims who live according to Islam’s aggressive requirements is growing, especially among young people. Among 15-year-old German Muslims, 40 percent consider Islam more important than democracy. Among Muslim university students in Britain, 40 percent support sharia. One in three of those students consider it legitimate to kill in the name of Islam.

Christians are asked to follow the example of Jesus. Muslims are ordered to follow the example of Muhammad. That is why Islam is dangerous. While Christianity preaches love, Islam preached hatred and practices violence. Hatred and violence for everyone who is not a Muslim. Muhammad personally participated in the ethnic cleansing of Medina, where half the population once was Jewish. Muhammad helped to chop off their heads. On his deathbed, he ordered his followers to cleanse Arabia of all Jews and Christians.

And now, Europe is beginning to look like Arabia.

Just today, a poll revealed that in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, half the Islamic youths are anti-Semitic. It is dangerous for Jews to walk the streets in Brussels.

If you wear a cross or a kippah in certain urban areas in Europe today, you risk being beaten up. In the capital of my own country, Amsterdam, a tram driver wasforced to remove his crucifix from sight, while his Muslim colleagues are allowed to wear the veil.

In the Netherlands, the city authorities in Amsterdam register polygamous marriages. The authorities in Rotterdam serve only halal meals in municipal cafeterias. Theaters provide separate seats for women who are not allowed to sit next to men. Municipal swimming pools have separate swimming hours for men and women, Muslim lawyers do not have to stand when the judges enter court rooms.

Meanwhile Jews are no longer safe on our streets. In Amsterdam, the city of Anne Frank, Jews are again being harassed in the streets. Even political leaders acknowledged that life has become unsafe for Jews in Holland. Do you know what they said? They advised Jews to emigrate. Jews are already running for Israel. But I say: Jews must not leave, violent Muslims must leave!

What is needed, my friends, is a spirit of resistance. Why? Because resistance to evil is our moral duty. This resistance begins with expressing our solidarity to Christians, Jews, indeed, to all people worldwide, who are the victims of Islam. There are millions of them.

We can see what Islam has in store for us if we watch the fate of the Christians in the Islamic world, such as the Copts in Egypt, the Maronites in Lebanon, the Assyrians in Iraq, and Christians elsewhere.

Almost every day, churches are arsoned and Christians are assassinated in Islamic countries. Rivers of tears are flowing from the Middle East, where there is only one safe haven for Christians. You know where that is. The only place in the Middle East where Christians are safe is Israel. That is why Israel deserves oursupport. Israel is a safe haven for everyone, whatever their belief and opinions. Israel is a beacon of light in a region of total darkness. Israel is fighting our fight.

The jihad against Israel is a jihad against all of us. If Israel falls, we, too, will feel the consequences. If Jerusalem falls, Athens, Rome, Amsterdam and Nashville will fall. Therefore, we all are Israel. We should always support Israel!

Today, we are confronted with political unrest in the Arab countries. The Arab peoples long for freedom. However, the ideology and culture of Islam is so deeply entrenched in these countries that real freedom is simply impossible as long as Islam remains dominant.

A recent poll in post-revolution Egypt found that 85 percent of Egyptians are convinced that Islam’s influence on politics is good, 82 percent believe that adulterers should be stoned, 84 percent want the death penalty for apostates. The press refers to the events in the Arab world today as the Arab spring. I call it the Arab winter.

Dear friends, here is my warning. Make no mistake: Islam is also coming for America. In fact, it is already here. America is facing a stealth jihad, the Islamic attempt to introduce sharia law bit by bit.  Thus concluded Wilders.

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