Global warning on threat food crops are facing By S. H. Moulana

unnamedWe note the price increases of fruits, vegetable and other products whenever we walk into a supermarket but we fail to understand what is actually triggering this or the cause for it. Especially, food products have a domino effect with adverse condition in production. Until I came across the news related to various diseases affecting the food production, I, too, was blaming the traders as hoarders. However, I am afraid, the disease that related to wheat can cause a disaster in the world.
Scientists are warning that wheat is facing a serious threat from a fungal disease that could wipe out the world’s crop if not quickly contained. Wheat rust, a devastating disease known as the
‘Polio of agriculture’ has spread from Africa to South and Central Asia and Europe. There is mounting concern at the dangers posed for global food security.
Pests and diseases are major threat to agriculture around the world. Cocoa bean production in Indonesia, the world’s third largest producer is likely to dip to the lowest level. The fall is in part due to a tiny, mosquito-sized moth, which attack the plants. Potato blight is threatening the production of 6 million tons of potato produced in UK every year.
Coffee leaf rust, a fungus is threatening coffee production from Mexico to Panama. Banana fungus, a soil born disease has become a great threat to banana crops in North America, Europe, South East Asia and Africa; the value of traded bananas worldwide totals USD 8.9 bn.
While people are waiting for urgent solutions for these problems, a section of them are bent on creating conflicts and unrest in the world. In the meantime, we learn, some of our 'grown ups' are still playing with toy guns, splashing 'water' at their opponents! All these at a time Malaysia is mourning the loss of a flight with hundreds of passengers in it and no clue to be found yet, and then South Korea is weeping for the loss of hundreds of its natives in a ship disaster.
It is time we grew up and behaved like responsible people, respecting others rights too. For goodness sake, let's all join hands to maintain peace and harmony in our beautiful island. Please don't destroy our blessed land with party politics or communal rifts, after all, we are all Sri Lankans first!
Long live Sri Lanka!

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