Kamal El-Mekki Tour a Grand Success

Sheikh Kamal El-Mekki’s Sri Lanka Tour organized by the Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS) concluded successfully.

The tour included a 2-day workshop on Essentials of Conveying Dawah for dedicated Daaees, a public lecture titled Itchy Heart; Temptations & Addictions, a special lecture for the sisters of Al-Huda titled Beautiful Message and a youth talk for the students of Amal International School.

Asiff Hussein, Vice-President – Outreach, CIS said that Sheikh El-Mekki’s tour which lasted from 18th to 20th April was a grand success. He noted that the Dawah workshop which was attended by 70 participants, including dedicated Daees and members of Dawah organizations, was well received as it exposed local audiences to Dawah methodology and techniques gained overseas which could be successfully replicated here.

He also noted that the public lecture titled Itchy Heart which was held at Mihilaka Medura in BMICH was attended by nearly 400 persons, especially young people who benefited immensely from the lecture. He added that CIS plans to get down Sheikh El-Mekki early next year as well.

Kamal El Mekki is a well-known Islamic lecturer in the United States. He is of Sudanese origin and is very popular around the world for his broad Islamic knowledge and unique sense of humour. Sheikh Kamal has been dubbed the Black Belt of Dawah. He has decades of experience in Dawah and is known best for his workshop "How to Give Shahadah in 10 Minutes", to empower Daees and Dawah organizations in the art of Dawah. He also does intensive courses designed for youth. His specialities are Fiqh of DawahTafseer andSeerah. His easy-going attitude in handling sensitive topics of especial interest to youth has earned him a name as one of the most sought after speakers on Islam.

Public Lecture on Itchy Heart, BMICH, Colombo Lecture on Beautiful Message for sisters of Al Huda At Amal International School Amal Teachers & Students at the lecture


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