NSC Lauds the Advent of the Maithri Era

Dispelling speculations that it was the minorities who had voted Mr. Maithripala Sirisena into power the President of the National Shoora Council, Mr. Tariq Mahmud said that it has to be viewed with magnanimity.   It was a victory for everyone as all those who voted were citizens of Sri Lanka.  There was of course a record voter turn out among all communities which included the Tamils and Muslims too.

He further stated that we need to go above parochial interpretation of events based on racial and religious overtones.  This approach has never done any good to our country except destruction, mutual hatred and suspicion between our people. 

Mr. Mahmud strongly urged that a new era has dawned and it is vital that every citizen of this country irrespective of their racial or religious background put their best foot forward towards making this country in reality a nation of maithri.

“The NSC is always prepared to give its fullest support toward achieving the goals of racial co-existence, religious freedom and human rights”, said Mr. Mahmud.

We are very confident that under the Presidency of Mr. Maithripala Sirisena we can expect justice, good governance, equal treatment to all without racial or religious discrimination.  The people voted for a government that is free from corruption, nepotism, abuse of authority and racism.

Mr. Mahmud while wishing the President every success reiterated the commitment of  the National Shoora Council in his efforts to deliver to the people of Sri Lanka, a maithri nation.

The National Shoora Council (NSC) is a civic body comprising muslim organizations, professionals and intellectuals.

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