OBA -Zahira College inaugurated in Canada.

More than forty years after the first Zahirian migrated to Canada, the Old Boys Association was inaugurated on Sunday the 29th August 2010 at the Pak Center Restaurant, in Toronto. This was initiated by the three musketeers M/s Faizal Nazeer, Mohamed Asif and Mohamed Ashrath. There were more than twenty young, very enthusiastic old boys were present to form the long felt Association. The inaugural meeting was chaired by three ex-teachers, M/s Nissar Deen, Syed Mubarak and Mohamed Kamil.

The main purpose of the association is to facilitate the improvements at Zahira, stressing on the ingredients, which will enhance the improvement of educational standard.

With much regret, a brief discussion on the rise and fall of Zahira took place and all agreed that it is incumbent on all old Zairians in particular and Muslim Community in general to give a helping hand to the administration to bring back Zahira to its past glory.

A steering committee, consisting of the following was formed to draw up the constitution and to pave the way for a fruitful association.

  • A G A Barrie
  • Aqil Osman
  • Faizal Nazeer
  • Mohamed Asif
  • Mohamed Ashrath
  • Abddul Zakir
  • Fareed Kuhafa
  • Mohamed Anas
  • Mohamed Siddiqui

The gathering adjourned after the Iftar and scheduled to meet on Sunday the 26th September, Insha Allah, to review the proposed constitution and to elect the office bearers.

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