COLOMBO The 66th Annual General Meeting of the Ceylon Baithulmal Fund (CBF) was held on 10th September, 2023.

Mr. A.A. M. Illiyas – (President’s Counsel) was re-elected as the President for the period 2023/2024. Other Office Bearers elected were:

M.S.F.Haqque – Vice President

A.N.Nazvi Rahman – Secretary

A.F.Feroze Noon – Treasurer

F.M.Asaf Khan – Asst. Secretary

Committee members elected were S.R.Rally, A.M.A.Nasry, A.Fazal Issadeen, M Rushdi Dahlan, F.I.Anver, Dr. M.A.Zainudeen, M.H.M.Nazar,  Mohideen Cader, Sharhan Muhseen, Mehraj D Sally Zuraish Hashim, Rumaiz Mohideen and Ijaz Haniff

Standing Left to Right:   Zuraish Hashim, Fazal Issadeen, Rumaiz Mohideen, MHM Nasar, Isfahani Anver, Rushdi Dahlan, Dr. Ameer Zainudeen, Mehraj Sally, Sharhan Muhseen, Mohideen Cader

Seated Left to Right:   AMA Nasry, FM Asaf Khan (Asst. Secretary), AN Nazvi Rahman (Secretary), A A M  lliyas- President’s  Counsel  (President), MSF Haqque (Vice President), AF Feroze Noon (Treasurer), Shihab Rally

Absent: Ijaz Haniff

The Ceylon Baithulmal Fund (CBF) was established in 1957 on the initiative of the late Mr H.S.Ismail (the first Muslim Speaker of the House of Representative) and was later incorporated by an Act of Parliament.

The assistance provided by the CBF is broadly classified under three main categories, namely Education, Entrepreneurship and General Relief. 

CBF emphasizes a lot on the merits of educating the poor and the needy and towards this direction a major part of the CBF annual budget is allocated for Advanced Level and University scholarships. Over 500 students are benefitted from our scholarship programme and CBF is encouraged by the success rate of the awardees.

Another successful model of Empowering the Needy is the Ceylon Baithulmal Fund’s Village and Urban Development Programs, where CBF reaches out to the poorest of the poor throughout the country, with the collaboration of the area authorities. The primary objective of this project is to provide self-employment opportunities linked to income generation and the promise of a life of independence with dignity. The same concept is also practiced to cater to the individual needs of the poor and the needy island wide by providing them with the necessary tools to earn a livelihood.

The Ceylon Baithulmal Fund has also ventured into community projects by the construction of deep wells which caters to the water requirement of the villages.

Assistance is also extended to medical needs, monthly widows/orphans assistance and general support to the destitute. 

Anyone interested in participating in these noble causes, please contact the Secretary on 0777-630923.

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